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  1. I ordered some items from Amazon last week, including a speaker cable that cost about 15 bucks. I have Amazon Prime, which we are charged a yearly fee, for fast service. The package with the cable was supposed to come on Saturday, and didn't. However, on Saturday night Amazon showed it as, "Delivered Saturday Your package was left in the mailbox.", which was not true, and could not have been delivered to the mailbox because it is locked and only the regular mailman has the key. We called Amazon and they said it was the fault of the Post Office, maybe because it was Labor Day weekend they were shorthanded and had bad help. After about a half hour on the phone, they refunded our money. I ordered the same item from Amazon today, to be delivered on Thurday. Today, lo and behold, the original package arrived in the mailbox. There were more screwups in this order, two other things that were supposed to be in the original order were not in stock, which was not made clear until after the order was placed.

    Now, all of these items were originally supposed to be here on Saturday but none were. I understand that sometimes things go wrong, but this was too much. We are not going to pay for the item that came today, since they already refunded us for it when it was not in our mailbox over the weekend. Now more things from the original order, are supposed to come in the mail tomorrow, and if they do that is fine, but I am not paying for the merchandise that we cancelled, which is about 15 bucks, which arrived late and in fact the delivery was lied about by the Post Office, or whoever it was that was supposed to deliver it to us on Saturday.

    Amazon Prime is pretty good, but sometimes it's not worth it. It would have been easier to travel to a store and just buy the stuff myself.
  2. Write to customer service and complain again
    Prime is suppose to arrive in 2 days as long as it is in stock and marked as Prime
    I complain every time like most others do (it happens a lot to me too) They always extend my yearly renewal fee by a month or so.
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  3. I ordered a PPM pen once and it arrive on time
    the problem was the onlt thing in the box was the small adjustment screwdriver
    They made me go through the dam trouble of sending it back before they would ship another one
    They paid return shipping so it was not that bad, just had to drop off at the fedex store
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  4. It's good advice, I'll do that next time. We were going to cancel Prime, we've only had it a few months and this is the first screw-up so I'll just take my late item and won't update them that it arrived, or of course they'll have to bill me again for it. This order originally had three items, and AFTER I placed the order, they said that two of them were out and could not be delivered until this week. I was OK with that but the mailbox thing over the W/E was totally ludicrous and since they think it never came, I'm not saying anything.
  5. I highly doubt you will ever here anything more of it
    Its nice when it works out for us once in a while
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  6. Yeah, well we honestly tried to work it out but to call them back to report that it came, and get billed again after all this, is just not worth it. The USPS really needs to get better people, or get their shit straight. If Amazon was totally innocent, I would have paid, but they screwed up as well with the other two items, apart from this, and this is for a paying Prime customer.
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  7. was it stolen after delivery ?
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    No, they said that it was in the mailbox, which has a key that only we and the regular mailman have access to but on Saturday the regular mail came early in the day, as usual. The post office said that it was delivered Saturday night to the "mail box", and this would have been impossible because the person doing evening deliveries would not have had the key, they would have had to ring our bell and deliver it to the door. It came in the regular mail today, 3 days later. If they had told us that it would arrive today (Tues.), in the first place, rather than saying that it was already delivered, there wouldn't have been any problems. We did consider the possibility that it was left in the building lobby, and got stolen or lost, but we know that is not what happened because it came today.
  9. Did you order the item specifically from Amazon? Or from an individual off of amazon? I buy from
    Amazon all the time and we usuley get everything promptly. I try and verify the person I am
    Buying from to see if they have a good reputation.
    But it's fucked up how it was marked as delivered with the intention of bringing it first thing in the morning instead. I would be mad also. Fuck it I would complain.... Try and get something out of it like free prime membership.
    But the thing is you got to remember Amazon doesn't really care that your speaker cable came a few days late
    What else are you going to do anyways? You will be back.....
  10. I got the item for free, I'm not gong to push it.

    Most of the Amazon Prime orders were OK, so far, in terms of delivery. This incident was mostly the fault of the Post Office, UPS doesn't work on the weekends. Amazon is not going to give me free Prime membership because of one or two fuckups in the mail, or an item being mistakenly listed as available but it wasn't.
  11. Well Hopefully it will be the one out of a hundred that's going to be a fuck up and now you won't have to deal with anymore crap lol
    But fuck man, you got something for free lol you had to "earn" it though hahaha
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  13. Isn't this fraud by keeping the item and not paying?
  14. I don't know if "fraud" is the right word. The time that I spent waiting, the inconvenience of talking on the phone to the company representatives, etc., should be worth something. To have corrected their mistakes, by paying, only would have excused the negligence and dishonesty of the post office, and whatever mistakes Amazon made in not listing the other items as non-deliverable in 2 days is another thing. I would rather they had just done the right thing(s), but they didn't, and therefore I took it upon myself to get remunerated. The total order was about $50.00. I didn't pay for one item that cost $15.00, the rest was paid for even though it was late, and I also pay a yearly fee for Prime which is supposed to guarantee 2 day delivery.
  15. I took it. my bad bro I didn't know

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