what would you have done?

Discussion in 'General' started by colorado4, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Alright so where i live has been swarming with cops lately, literally i went from never seeing any to seeing at least two or three a week on my street. I looked out a window and a cop was in my driveway, so i panicked and flushed a quarter down the toilet.

    I was hesitant since i have one unreliable dealer here and i rarely get to buy any so when i'm out i'm out for a while.

    It ended up the cop was looking for my neighbors house but would you guys have gotten rid of it like i did or taken the chance of getting caught? I'm not in a medical or decrim state now and i'm in college if that matters.
  2. I would have not answered the door
  3. pretty sure they wouldnt have done anything to you for a quarter!
  4. Ask if he had a search warrant, If not close the door and lock it.
  5. I wasn't the only one home, my parents would have let them in and searched without a warrant
  6. You're not from Colorado?
  7. " flushed a quarter down the toilet " wow
  8. you flushed a quarter? wtf? i wouldve left it where it was. now, if the cop was walkin up to the door i'd stick it up my ass right quick
  9. Exactly :laughing:

  10. I used to live there, parents moved in september, but i go to college in a different state anyway. Just home for break.

    I didn't think about just balling the bag, i just panicked but i'll know if it happens again.
  11. damn what a waste
  12. Lol you wasted a whole quarter dude jesus christ. They arent gonna bang on your door and demand you give them weed
  13. he wasnt even out of his car.. and your fist reaction was to flush it..?? not even HIDE it?? its not THAT much.. theres a bazillion better places than down the toilet!!

    super newb mistake..:smoking::smoking:

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