What would you grow?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by organic_grower, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. looking at either gorilla glue #4 or white widow. Brand new grower. Starting from seed. 100% organic, led lights

    Goal is best yield / profit at dispensary

  2. I’d grow both..
  3. Great idea but only wanted to spend the money for 1. I can get 20 seeds of white widow. Or 10 seeds of gorilla glue #4
  4. Id grow the gorilla
  5. Gorilla glue
  6. Gorilla glue #4 is a sought after strain in my area by dispensaries. White widow is good stuff but it's quite an old strain and not as exotic as some of the newer strains
  7. I want some Bruce Banner. The name just kicks ass. I think it has all the potential of GG.
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  8. Ghost OG! The new high thc strain
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  9. Gorilla glue it is!!
  10. I would have gone northern lights mate. Everbodys different. I see it like this. Everything 50 years ago was strong built well. Houses, cars, toys, nowadays everbody shaving everything.. to EARN MONEY trying to mix both commmercial value with conniseur quality. It dont work! There are very few good hybrids out there! Heres a picture of my northern lights during hang. Extremely potent! Screenshot_20171120-224332.png
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  11. Looks good that pal

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  12. Obama Kush! Smooth and grape flavored sleepy flowers. Mmmmm
  13. Cheers mate .. dont fix what aint broken .. mind blowing stuff. Nothing but good things to say about it
  14. Its not on your list but for organic soil super silver haze is a high yielding 9 week flower strain from ILGM. Its a relativly forgiving strain for beginner level and if you wish to scrog or train its a good choice. Pic below is 5 weeks and a 2 days into flower on a scrog table grown in organic under a 1000hps single.

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  15. Go with gorilla glue. Pineapple skunk would also be a very high yielder and interesting strain.

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