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What would you go with?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ganja999, May 13, 2011.

  1. My dealer is coming by later, and i only have ten dollars for bud,

    what should i get?

    2 Grams of Mid or half a Gram of Kush either one is ten dollars.
  2. Two grams of mids. Roll two joints with it.

    And I think your dealer will be very pissed that he's going to you just for a 10 sack.
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    in this case i'd take the 2 grams of mids. But it's usually quality>quantity in my books.

    If it was a gram of dank insted of a half then i'd go with that.
  4. Gram of Kush, No question......If the mids are anything close to the dank then there's no way it'd be half the price, probably won't be the greatest shit.
  5. I had the same question to and people keep on telling me to go with the quality so I guess you should go with that kush
  6. With 10 dollars I would go with the regs, anything less then a gram of dank is just dumb. This also depends if it's regs and not some shitty brown turds that some people like to call regs. :smoke:
  7. Yeah i've gotten back to smoking bowls again, so i was thinking the mid would last me longer in the long run, but kush is kush so it's so hard to choose.
  8. Depends how good the mids are, because a half gram of kush would last me 10 minutes. 2 grams would at least get through the day, if it's what mids are supposed to be.
  9. if you only have $10 to spend stick to the mids
  10. As everyone else said. Get the mids. If your getting last than a gram. Just get the lower grade stuff for quantity.
  11. I'm usually always one to say quality over quantity, but in your situation, I'd get the mids.
  12. Lol I never say quality or quantity but okay, If it were me I would get the mids.
  13. get an ounce of mids and tell him youll have the funds later, wheel how ever much you need to and smoke teh kusher for free
  14. Thanks for the replys, i went with the mid and im pretty high off one bowl. It's some good light green mid too.

  15. Good choice.

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