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    Room is all setup just no co2 system(environment is setup temperature, humidty etc)
    1000 watt HPS cooltube(best investment i ever made was on a cooltube)
    3 weeks Veg under HPS
    2 weeks after seeds crack under 4x26 watt 6500k CFLs
    Flower for 8 weeks under 1000 watt HPS
    Happy Frog Potting Soil
    Earth juice line of nutrients (Grow, Bloom, Meta K, Catalyst)
    3 Gallon Pots( is that big enough?)
    5 Feminized Trainwreck seeds from Greenhouse
    5 Feminized Diesel from G13 Labs
    1 G13 Feminized White Widdow
    and 7 Power Skunk's from g13 also
    Well am i missing anything you guys can think of before I get going on this grow? I've done many smaller grows but nothing this big...im tryin to get enough green to smoke for myself up until about halloween...like at least a LB of good for myself for the summer months...think i can get that? And am i missing anything else?will my pots be big enough?
  2. I predict at least fourteen pounds.

    Honestly though, there is no way to accurately predict yield. Too many factors are involved. I would suggest five gallon pots if you are growing them to harvest in one pot, but the rest of your list looks good. You might need to flower them more or less than eight weeks..

    Also you can put them under the HPS immediately as long as its not too close. The more light they get the better, if you can hammer them with light right off they will love you for it.

  3. I dont wanna put them under the 1000 right away because I still have some plants flowering from my last grow and they arent yet finished so thats why im just gettin the seeds started under the cfl's to get them good and healthy...im moving them to 3 gallon pots once flowering starts

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