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Discussion in 'General' started by laxphenom, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Alright, so last night me and my buddies all went out drinking and smoking. I was the DD but still had one beer and smoked, which is good with my tolerance. Anyways, around 2:00 AM before we called it a night we decided to hit up Denny's and do a dine and ditch.

    Now, before i get to my point i should say that i don't believe in stealing. I never have and don't intend to. But, my friends were all there, ordered their meals and i didn't get anything. But of course they want me to get something, so they order a plate of chicken fingers and fries for me. Now, like i said i don't steal, but i felt like a dick when it came and i didn't eat any of it. Of course they finished it, but that's not my problem. My best bud tried justifying it to me by using the old "corporate america is always taking advantage of you by overcharging and shit, so this just kind of evens it out" argument. Anyways, i felt kind of bad. We did still do the dine n ditch, but i didn't order anything so i was still okay in my book. I was the driver, but like i said, this was a moral thing. I don't really give a fuck if i'm "accomplice to a crime" but i do have certain morals i don't break. Anyways, what would you all have done? I was pretty tempted when the food came, but it was still stolen...i'm just curious
  2. Im just joking (kind of) when i say this... How is there a not eaten the food option in a city of stoners?!
  3. my respect for you went up a lot man

    i definately wouldnt have eaten the food, i probably would have straight up left the restaurant actually if i knew they were going to

    good job not giving into their shit
  4. 4,000 posts tokin, nice job....and thanks for the respect. it was such a peer pressure situation lol
  5. If I had a buzz going on, I would have definatly ate and left the money for my food.

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