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What would you do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JassyD, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. You have 1 gram of some dankity spankity.

    You also have a fucking super tolerance.

    You just smoked a bowl and your feeling it.

    You have 2 bowls left.

    Do you smoke the 2 bowls now and get high as shit and chill...high as shit.

    Or do you save the 2 bowls for later. Smoke them. Watch a movie with your girl. And get to fuck still kinda high?
  2. how long till your girl comes over? you dont wanna be burnt out by the time she gets there
  3. Sesh half a bowl, and then save the other bowl and a half. Equality is key.
  4. Lol nah i don't get burnt out. I'll still be good.

    Shes probably gonna get here at like 10 or 11. So 3-4 hours.
  5. i'd definitely save it. unless ur girl is bringing over some more to smoke. at least save a bowl that you two can share
  6. save it def, you can always solo sesh
  7. You just smoked 1 bowl, you've got 2 left.
    That means you're making 3 bowls total out of 1 gram.
    You've got a super low tolerance.
    You just smoked a .33 bowl of some dankity spankity.

    You should already be high as hell.

  8. I've got a super high tolerance man.

    And fuck all this noise. I'm smoking it. You can always buy more bud right?

    Idk i ate this edible the other day. Was made with 12 grams of sugar leaf like off a plant. I got so high. Passed out. i think thats what has my tolerance so high. So yea i'm just gonna smoke it.

  9. Oh super high tolerance.. got it. And yea, you could always buy more but I look at it like, hey if I spend unnecessary money on Marijuana, I could've bought something else.
  10. Smoke dat shhiiiiiiitt.
  11. Depends if your gonna be getting more bud soon or not, doesn't it? If not I'd just smoke the bowls over a hour or two.
  12. Smoke a little, but at least save a bit to smoke with your girl.
  13. What would I do? More importantly, what would Jesus do? :cool:

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