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Discussion in 'General' started by Rolling_Stoned, May 15, 2006.

  1. Well today my best friend told me he fucked my girlfriend yesterday, so I called her up she said that it didn't happen. Well 2 of my other friends where with her and my best friend and they said it went down. I had my friend and my girlfriend come over about an hour ago. After a short heated talk they both said they had sex last night with each other. Well at about this time I freaked out punched a window , started to bleed, screamed get the fuck out of my house! I asked my friend to box me right outside but then decided againist it he's my best friend after all. Im pretty sure i'm gonna dump by girlfriend but it's gonna be fucked up having my buddy dating my so to be ex, oh well just had to say time to blaze!
  2. Damn thats pretty fucked up that ur best friend would fuck ur girl. Well at least he was man enough to tell you.
  3. I still would've kicked the shit out of him. Call me old fashioned but...
  4. Your best friend is no kind of friend to go behind ur back and sleep with your girl. I would of smashed his face in and told her to fuck off!!
  5. yeah i would dump her. backstabbing is something i just do not tolerate at all...especially from a close friend. i wouldnt give a shit if he was my friend, i would have a hard time being around him at all without wanting to beat the shit outta him
  6. yup, ill put into people i know, If tim fucked stacy(my now ex)i would have told stacy, just leave me alone, stay outta my life(its just a girl) and i woulda pummled the shit outta tim until i felt better, then id ask him to smoke a blunt. (bro's before ho's) even though its my girl and all, he is still me best friend, just deserves a punishment

    If this situation ever did come up, id freak out for sure and start blowing things up.

  7. sounds reasonable, good homies share.:p
  8. sucks man. ditch the girls and "friend". or even better, take the girl out to a nice resturant to talk things out. eat, go to bathroom and leave her with the bill and no car
  9. HA!
  10. this reminds me of the time i smoked 35mg's of 5-meo-dmt and then got dome off my friends girlfriend while he was downstairs with my other friend and when they came backup the door was locked n i jus kept sayin "dude dont come in i'm gettin head off your girlfriend" cuz i was about to bust (a mouth feels excellent on dmt by the way), and then i busted n opened the door up haha, then i told him later that night that i for real was facefuckin his girl, he didnt get to pissed he was actually kinda happy cuz he thought she was cheatin on him n i proved it
  11. sorry, but your an asshole...


    dump the friend and the gurl. you dont need either of them in your life...
  12. well as most of the posters here have suggested, i think the best thing you can do is to sever your relationships with both of them. he obviously is not the type of friend you want to have (if you would consider him to be a friend at all) and she definetely is not the type of girlfriend you want to have because if she cheated on you once you can bet your last fucking dollar she will do it again.

    i know that you are probably feeling an incredibly large amount of hurt, anger, and frustration. the best thing you can do is to keep the negative energy exhibited from those two assholes out of your life by keeping them out of your life.

    sounds to me like they deserve each other.
  13. Have sex with his mother
  14. dude you are this kids bitch now. he fucked your lady while you were still with her, and then you fuck yourself up by punching a window (thats probably not gonna be cheap to replace) and then just make them both leave? you need to straight whoop the kids ass, and personally in that situation id basically tell my friend everything would be straight as long as he stayed away from her. but yea a friend that bangs your lady isnt a friend i would ever trust..bros before hos

    she pulled some shit, both of you should stay away from her

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