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What would you do?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by canyouspellthis, May 14, 2006.

  1. First of all, Yes I live with my parents, and yes I'm over 18 dickheads.

    Okay, now that we have that out of the way.. It's 11:30 and I have my pure in my backpack to go blaze with a few friends and as im leaving my room, my dad's door opens and he sees me standing there motionless with a backpack on my back. So he takes it from me and closes his door, opens it to find my scale, ash-catcher, nug jar, and pure... and he lays it all out on his floor to his room.
    Alright, so about 2 hours later we're still arguing and I've been eyeing the pure the whole conversation. I quickly snatch the pure and the backpack and my scale all at once and dip as fast i can out of the house... I throw the backpack into my backyard and called one of my friends who lived in my neighborhood to go get it and return it to his house for safety.
    I get the confirming text about 10 minutes later that it's safely at his house.
    So , at about 1:45-2:00 He tells me to go outside with the flashlight and find it and I'm not allowed back in until i get it. So at about 3am (and 4 missed calls from my dad) I go back to my house and say i looked for it for a whole hour and didn't find it. We then proceeded to argue some more and i made him look like an idiot and i walked to my room.

    Anyways, I was wondering how many of you 'Seasoned Tokers' would have done the same thing in my place? Or was what I did just flat out retarded? haha.

    Pics of pure ...
  2. Um.. I'm not really a seasoned toker, but I would have explained to my parents that I'm 18 now, and my desicion to smoke weed is mine. If they want me to keep it out of the house while I'm living there, I can do that. I'll even promise to try and steer clear of the house when I'm baked with friends...

    I mean, you gotta respect that its their property and their rules... But controlling your lifestyle...
  3. that bong is glorious man. what kind is it? only asking cuz i can't see if there is a label on it or not

    by the way your dad sounds, it sounds like he would end up smashing it, so i agree with what you did getting it to a safe place. i hate arguin with rents, it is soo damn useless, plus they get pissed because i am better with words than they are

  4. Haha I know exactly how you feel, except it's only my dad, and he's been cheating on my mom for like the past 8 months so basically I don't respect anything he says or does, at all. And yeah, he's smashed previous bongs before. So i knew what was going to happen to it.
    Oh yeah and it's a pure.. here's another pic [​IMG]
  5. oh damn. I have never heard of pure before, never seen em either.

    looks pretty fucking tight. how much was it?(i prolly asked before but you know how it goes)

  6. the pure was $225
    and the ash-catcher was $45

    both from a local shop
  7. That's a sweet bong. To be honest, I wouldn't have let him grab the bag. I also wouldn't have let him take it into his room, and subsequently look through it. In that situation, if I was afraid he was gonna snag it, yeah I would snatched the bag.
  8. dude, just tell him to fuck off. you're an adult you don't owe him shit hahaha. but you did good. i wouldn't put up with that bullshit. go stay with a friend until your dad stops being a moron.

  9. then u get kicked out.. what good is that gonna do =p

    and omg omg i woulda done the exact same fuckin thing haha omg .. that thing is like a child
  10. I do not blame you for saving your bong, but you should sit down with your dad and tell him the deal, if he's not down w/ it in his house you should respect that. Yuo r grown bro you can deal with your own, I would just say look man I am grown and I can make big boy decisions. I would be better off if my son told me the deal first, but even if I discovered it myself, I would be pretty open about it. Good luck and for God's sake do not give him your bong, give it to me if you need but don't give it to him. JOE>:D
  11. i probably would have done the same thing but you gotta tell your dad how it is. Your a grown ass man and he needs to respect that but i really dont know if that'll help but its good to lay it down that you are who you are and you can make your own decisions.

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