What would you do?

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  1. I have just a little bit over a gram of kush, the only problem is my dealer left it go bad by not keeping it fresh. So now it's less potent as it should be. I'm trying to make it last too.

    Would you

    Roll it up in a blunt, and put it out when you're good.


    just smoke it out of a bong till its gone?

    Which would last you the longest
  2. bong, dumb thread
  3. Definitely do bong snaps. The ultimate way to conserve
  4. Thats the Thing, This kush has gone really bad, and 1 bowl dont really get you high, i've been thinking about getting a dutch master and smokin by the hit not bowl.
  5. what makes you think a hit off a blunt will work better than a hit off a bong. Last time I checked weed doesn't "go bad" and lose potency unless that shit is moldy in which case don't smoke it at all.

  6. Fuck dude never mind. I'm just high and trying to figure out how i went threw a 1/8th in a day and half. What i ment by "Go Bad" was it no longer has a dank smell to it anymore.
  7. Get sum better nugs or jus keep that shit in an airtight jar
  8. If I wanted to get really high fast, id roll a blunt.

    Bong tokes will last you longer and prolong the high, while consistently re-sparking and putting out the blunt will be wasteful.

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