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What would YOU do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tvayumat, May 23, 2010.

  1. I've got one good bowl left.

    I'm high, starting to come down.

    I will be dry until later this week.

    To smoke now? or later?
  2. Later... youll thank yourself trust me.. im you from the future and im very high,
  3. Oh my god, I knew I'd come back to advise me. Damn, we rule.
  4. It was trying to attack my cousin. What would you do in a situation like that?
  5. Well... THIS week technically ends in about 48 hours so... Just burn or wait about 48hrs lol. IDK. I would wait it out until you can.

  6. Next week, my bad. Friday specifically.

    But I could just look at it as a week-long T-break right?
  7. A week t break isn't worth it imo. I'd just wait a cple days and blaze up

    Me I'd wait till tues/wed than the week would be half over and than you just gotta wait another 2 days.
  8. Yes. Save it.
  9. as everybody else said, save it :)

  10. Napoleon Dynamite?
  11. Id smoke it and then have nowt to worry about , tomorrows another day.My guy stopped trading two weeks ago , the first 3 days were hell but now im philosophical about it , no choice.
  12. wait. you'll enjoy it more another time.
  13. Its probably too late now, but I disagree with what everyone else has said. Id smoke it. Why be only slightly high twice when you can be BAKED:smoke::smoke: once?
  14. You would probably get alot higher if you smoked that bowl right now. If you smoke it later you'd probably only get a pretty good buzz, but now it would amplify your high alot more since you're already faded.
  15. Save it for later on, just like the first dude said youll be thanking yourself later. And if you can smoke it out of a waterbong since its your last bit for a while, And hold the hits as long as you can.
  16. I gone done smoked it.

    Think I'm gonna eat some pie and zone out on the star wars marathon spike is having.

  17. good thing man! enjoy your high, your pie, and the star wars marathon thingy lol :hello::hello::hello: :smoke::smoke::smoke:

  18. im in the same situation. got one bowl left probably for about a week unless i give an and buy more but i cant cause im broke lol. but ive been saving this since last night and i got a little keif left too so this should be good for tonight :smoking:
  19. Write us back on Wednesday and let us know how it's going. ;)

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