What would you do?

Discussion in 'General' started by cs_shoota, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. what would you do if you won the mega million lottery thing, its up to over $100,000,000!!! get about half after taxes... BUT DAMN, all i know is i would finish my schooling, then go buy a place in cali, then texas... and mabey somewhere over in whales, know a lot of people over there, that would be so sweet!!!

    id get my own paintball field with all the best guns for people to rent, make a indoor place right next to a open field, then a store in front and sell stuff just to break even, not to gain any money.. just dont wanna lose it... then people could afford paintball more.. and play more... and make it a bigger sport.. then get a few muscle cars.. always loved them.. make all the people i now well off.. then id try my best to get mj legalised.. its a expensive war... but itd be worth it!!

    what about you guys??
  2. Whales?........do you mean Wales in the U.K.?.........or is it a place in the States called Whales, as i know there's an Aberdeen and a few others over there.........Peace out..........Sid
  3. So we're talking about roughly $50 million, right? Damn, I couldn't even imagine that. I'd probably move to Holland, buy a nice place, have one room strictly for growing, and grow lots. Buy some fun cars. Learn to blow glass. Grow mushrooms. Save some money, I don't know, hah. Thats too much money to even think about.
  4. Move to Cali and grow without fear.
  5. i cant even imagine what i would do with that kind of mulah.
  6. pay influential companys to show NORML ads or soemthing to that effect
  7. I would smoke up the world.
  8. buy a place in amsterdam.. up by my cousin... a place in cali... start a snowboard resort... lots hanging out w/ miss mary jane... grow shrooms and pot in a big monstrous secret room in my cali place.. pay 4 college 4 my bro and me.. i would have fun.

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