What Would You Do?

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  1. When about to get busted and you only got time to execute 1 of 2 moves.....A) Hide the bong -or- B) Pull up your pants.

    Which do you choose?
  2. What?:confused: im confused so your smoking with your pants down and you need to choose what to do?
  3. Put the bong in your pants then pull them up.
  4. hide the bong. if they walk in when you are picking up a pound of meat, say I have a rash or something, true story, my friend did that and his dad would not even look at him for the next month. hahah
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    I say hide the bong because the pants will no doubt distract whoever drops in on you. Might embarass them and make them look away faster. So a lesson to all of you: If you about to get caught, drop yo' pants!

    edit: or keep chillin' with the bong in your hand and when they ask you say it's a penis pump! and stand there continuing to do what you were doing before.
  6. words of fuckin wisdom right there, that made me smile after a very shitty time I was havin a little while ago.
  7. if your smoking and someone is about to walk in shout" get out im masturbateing!"
  8. HIDE THE BONG! I've been in that situation before. XD
  9. Ha, thats gonna be my excuse if I'm ever in a situation like that. Like I used to smoke in the bathroom while running the shower so they thought I was in the shower and if they ever asked why it took so long I'd either say A) I was shaving or B) I was fapping. It's absolutely infallible :D
  10. Hit the bong and try to masturbate. If you're about to be busted might aswell go out feeling great :p
  11. these are all really good ideas haha

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