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What would YOU do

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. You wake up in the morning and get ready for work.. You are running 5 minutes late and open the door..

    There is a huge shit eating dog waiting for you to come out.. You go to another door and there is another one.. All the doors and windows are guarded by shit eating dogs...

    What are you going to do???


    have you come up with an idea yet??

    just answer the question.............
  2. lol a huge shit eating dog? well i'd either throw em some shit to eat or i'd stay in the house and smoke some of the goods:D
  3. Why would I be scared of a dog that eats shit? I'm not understanding. I'm not shit so why would I worry???

  4. Are you sure you wipped your ass really really good this morning?? Even the smell will make them bite!!!!!!
  5. There is a punch line to this!!!

  6. only take care of your stuff in the morning? I'm a clean freak. I have OCD bad when it comes to some things. Cleanliness is one of those. I'm a super clean person.

    So...what's the damn punchline?
  7. It's the punch line that goes with this question!
  8. My mistake..........

    The punch line is a funny ending to a good joke!

  9. yep, u said it.



    if you take it another way...

    woah! FAR OUT! I'd call national geographic, Time, New Scientist, Daily Sport, FHM, Maxim, and blah blah blah etc etc etc and maybe even the guiness book of records. why? because i have never seen shit eat anything before... so to see shit eating dogs would really be quite spectacular.
  10. shit eating dogs.
  11. id clean up the shit and tell everyone in town to keeps their dogs inside, could be dangerous.

    i hope the shit doesnt eat me....
  12. and shits shit so you cant kill shit. so in which case, the shits hit the fan. (or thats withte hold meaning of that saying anyways, because since you cant kill shit, and shit's shit, then if the shit hit the fan then the shit would cover alot and that is the shit of the shit eating dog fame. and you dont wanna mess around with that shit. that shit is shit scary. shit eating dogs? surely they'd eat humans too in that case. .. oh man.. can we shit shit eating dogs? not the dogs obviosuly, the shit. and since we cant shit dogs then we are gonna have to deal with shit eating arses. ... ew.
  13. Throw the cats out the back door and walk out the front..

    Every ione knows that even a shit eating dog like pussy!
  14. I would stay home, call in sick, and get really, really high. Then I'd use some kind of juju vibes to calm the dogs and then we'd all go into my house and get high. Then they would be like my pets and do my bidding and I could... aw, fuck it, it's too early.
  15. This joke stinks!

    (just like shit)
  16. haha good joke, i was gonna say i'd just stay home from work and smoke my bowls. lmao @ the punchline:)

  17. I would believe it's because you posted in it POPPA!!!!!! lmao

  18. who lost you?

    not me.

    i made more sence than anyone.

  19. you have made me think, you see recently i have been taking this for granted and i have never actualy wonderd what to do to escape a house sarounded by shit eating dogs. im so thankful this will never happen
  20. I would say, there must have been something else in this bud i smoked to make me see all those giant shit eating dogs...

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