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  1. Hmmmm, where do I start? In the beginning? No, screw that, them was some rough times. I know, I'll jump straight to the point, actually, I don't really think it matters what you guys say about this "my minds been made up for me" I just need your support.

    Roughly around the fall of 94, I seen some information, and heard some information, indicating that marijuana might be helpful to people in my condition. A few year's prior to that I was injured in a cycle/auto collision, and as a result I suffered a massive brain-stem stroke, and that resulted in complete paralysis.

    One day during a spastic bout in the park during the rain, my friend raised his umbrella, he then put a marijuana cigarette in my mouth, he then lit it and said "lets see how true this shit is" After 2 or 3 hits a calmness hit my body, and all the sudden the uncontrollable violent shaking was gone. From that day on, I began to assemble a life, a life I was told wouldn't be by medical experts out the wazoo.

    That day I had a thought, seeing as how the doctors gave me little to no hope, why can't I do my own little homegrown experiment. I'm now in my fifteenth year of that experiment, and I'm Proud to report it was a complete success I have a good family, good friends and a basically good life.

    The time for me to take a political stance on this issue has arrived, as I said I've built quiet a life, in that fifteen year's I managed to take on several lives besides my own. If I step out in the political ring thing's could end up fucked for them, of course if I don't speak up things looked pretty fucked anyway.
  2. Am i missing the question or something?
  3. yes sir, what's the most legal way i can approach this without puttin the people I love in harms way?

    I want to know the best way to contact lawmakers to petition for legalization, without compromising personal safety, giving yourself away that you toke? and ruining the happiness for the loved ones around me.
  4. Anonomous. Like do it on the internet under a alias or something of the likes.

    Because thats quite a perdicament.

    Expressing your views could be harmful even if you dont mean to and i dont know any way of getting around that.
  5. thats crazy.. so crazy it just might work. Do the anynomous thing.
  6. I say move to cali or bc or amsterdam ;p
  7. Yes, but I'm also awhare sp? that everthing has tracks.

    I would but I kinda owe it to my state to get this law passed, because without the support of my community I would'nt have the life I do, they basically left me alone to accomplish my goal.
  8. no real input, but great idea, and best of luck to you.
  9. The only way would be to do it anonymously like KSR said, you could write a series of anonymous letters like Ben Franklin.
  10. It sucks, but people enjoy suffering. Express yourself loudly, state the truth and never relent, never back down. The more people heap upon you, the more they lash out, the more supporters you will have. I am not sure what to tell you, but the best way to protect the people around is to not mention them. :)

    Good luck, I am glad to hear that cannabis has helped you out as much as it has helped many, I wish you luck in your life and I hope you do not have to endure to much stupidity in your quest for justice. :)
  11. But does that help? What helps is people who shout loudly, people who scream, people who stand in the face of the opposition and never back down. Things change when people show resolve, letters, rarely help, especially when they are addressed to officials who have already made up their minds.
  12. You can do as much as you are capable of doing, but trust me, when it comes to American Politics, capability is synonymous with wealth.

    First of all, only about 20% of the population smokes. While a large number, it is not the vast majority. People who smoke it already know what its like. I really think the only way you can see the truth is to try it yourself. And because of that, we are stuck.

    What I think we should be doing is figuring out a way to reverse the brainwashing thats been going on for 70 years. While a blunt cruise is the most effective way of reversing that, some people won't oblige.

    What is that thing that will reverse the damage done to society's knowledge of this plant? What what?

    Figure it out, and perhaps you can change the world.

    I think:

    1. We need to show that marijuana has acceptable medical uses, because it is a safe drug with no physical addicting properties. And that is going to take a medical breakthrough. I really think research into canabinoids will do the trick- possibly even hold the cure for cancer. Unfortunetly we can not do research.

    2. We need to show that marijuana has acceptable industrial uses. Hemp with less then .1% THC (not enough to get you high at all) can be grown to make paper, cloth, ethanol, plastic, food, etc. We need to do that.

    3. We need to show that marijuana ha acceptable RECREATIONAL uses. Show that no person has ever died from a marijuana overdose. Show that when it was made illegal in teh 1930's, it was an unknown drug and no scientific research has been conducted. The claims made during the reefer madness period are lies, based on nothing more then propaganda started by Harry Anslinger.

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