What would you do?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jamesboo, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. In my country the sentence for drugs is the death penalty but I love smoking weed would you risk a little 9 plant grow like mine? Or am I just out of my mind sacrificing my all for beautiful bountiful cannaboids

    Damn asia sucks
  2. No, I wouldn't risk it myself. Definitely wouldn't be posting on these forums while in that country either. First time they might just cut off some limbs and throw you in jail for a while, but I'd rather have the president himself come shoot me in the head and get it over with.

    Move to Spain, Canada, USA, or Mexico man...
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  3. Def worth it man keep it up
  4. What tf kind of country is that lbvs they give you death sentence for weed :eek: :bolt:

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  5. 9 plants isn't a little grow dude lol

    If I was you I'd move to a different country where they don't kill you for smoking a plant :confused_2:
  6. yea man, why would you tell us that? what if they see this post? you didnt think this through. im not losing my life to weed. go somewhere else
  7. I'd remove this post quit weed and not risk death by firing squad you crazy bastard.
  8. When Death is all around and no hope for all!
    you ignore Death for it comes for you one day
    Sooner or Later its no biggy
    As you wait theirs no reason why we can't party
    just don't invite everyone
    Less Death slips in uninvited ...lol
  9. Yea so annoying how Asia is pretty much the main continent extremely against weed.
  10. Ooh its your call.
    How stealth can you grow it?
    South korea is starting to get leniant with cannabis. They will allow medical cannabis for now. Only a matter of time when they decriminalize or legalize it. They love money.

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