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What would you do ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by milkpuller420, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. So my dealer told me about this awesome new strain he said he got. He said it was the best weed he'd ever smoked and that he got so high he was on his ass. And coming from , that means a lot (him being a smoker for 20 years ). Now he told me the prices were expensive but well worth it . After he told me the prices I politely declined this new bud he had ,as his usual stuff is pretty dank and way cheaper. He was like "dude trust me on this one , you'll thank me I promise you " so I bought an 8th for $70 . When I got home I started smoking a bowl, and after two hits I was GONE. Like my first few highs all over again. I finish the bowl and I was blasted stoned. This weed really is amazing its so potent, all my friends say the same even the most seasoned tokers still say it's the highest they've ever been. But here's the probem , this weed is really expensive, way more than the usual. So what would you do? Buy the potent strong Strian or the usual dank I get from him? Here are the prices

    The New Strong Strain (expensive)

    1/8th: $70
    1/4: $140
    1/2: 320
    Ounce : $560

    The regular dank I get :

    1 Gram : $20
    1/8 : $50
    1/4 : $70
    1/2: $140
    Ounce $250

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  2. Wow.. you're getting ripped the fuck off

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    ^this. it's called the long-con, bro.
    you think you're best buds with your bud dealer...
  4. Ripoff big time.
    Just get some BHO.
  5. CLASSIC drug dealer, haha!
  6. So this is why I always see people in the legalization threads referring to dealers a the scum of society. I use to get offended but it all makes sense now.
  7. #8 Old School Smoker, Nov 3, 2014
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    Dude an oz for 560 is fuck you charlie prices. Here in cali, 30% THC kick ass high fuckin quality lab tested bud goes for no more than 350 an oz and that's delivered!!
    OK on the street, in total desperation, i would pay no more than 400 for an oz. But 560 is just waaay too high.
    be smart and buy 2 quats for 140 each that way you get a half for 280 instead of 320
  8. Those prices are a little ridiculous.
    Maybe in the ghetto. But if a quarter can last you at least a week and a half, full speed all the way.
    Then it would be fine. You can't really haggle a class act.
    smoking for 20 years lol. Is he like 40-50, I don't think he would be smoking at 10.
  9. he's 34 he's been smoking since he was 13

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  10. Hahaha dude that's way too expensive for the US. That's how much an oz costs in Finland, and it's some of the most expensive in the world. That's a classic drug dealer move, man.

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  11. That explains it. He is full blown retard.
  12. Notice how he tries to hype the weed to make the ripoff seem less. NO weed is worth 70 an 8th.
  13. His math isn't very good. Stop going to this guy. One less customer for him and his high prices and one less headache for you when you go broke
  14. no eighth should be 70. rip off
  15. Wanna bet? If there was absolutly nothing else around, and it was high fire loud bud, you are damn straight i'd pay that price. Or be killed trying to rip the guy off.
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    I can get Moon Rocks (GSC X HASH OIL X GSC KIEF)  for $25/g or $55-75 an eighth.
    I would never pay for that, I'm just saying. I can get the most outrageously priced
    modified flower for the same price OP thinks is a deal for his mediocre flower.
  17. Yes I agree. Here in Cali, there are price wars going on in the dispensaries. But if I lived in the ass end of kansas, and i was jonsin badly, then i'd pay 70 an 8th.
    Any man that is willing to pay 70 for an 8th would surely pay 75
    Ok, 75.
    Any man that would pay 75 for an 8th of weed would surely pay 80
  18. Lol that's what a lot of dealer's do.Good way to trick you into giving them good profit.Find more connections and you might just might run by this strain again with a lower price.
    Trust me im talking experience here.
    not me, when I lived in TX for for half a year I only smoked 1 time,
    and that was only because I didn't have to pay for it. met these
    college kids and they picked me up, took me to their pad and
    I smoked what they truly believed to be the best bud they ever
    had... they pay ridiculous prices there. 25-40g+ for the not even
    mids buds... horrible...anyway, when I got there I saw that
    it was some Bobby Brown old ass dirty cousin to mexican
    brick weed shit. they loaded a few bowls in the bong and it was
    horrible. I barely got high (and this was after not smoking for months)
    and they were on their asses..  never again. So personally, if I
    am ever in that position again regardless of where I am at, I would rather
    go without. My wallet and body do not have an issue with turning away
    shitty dealers.

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