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  1. So I have a really good dealer, just easy to deal with and so on, I either buy 1/4 or 1/8 every week, for the last few weeks only an 1/8 a week for 50$, so today I ask what he has and he had grand master kush and I've been smoking too much indica lately and I just fall asleep and it's not as enjoyable to me. So I ask if he'd be getting anything else tomorrow and he said he wouldn't, and I was like ok but I didn't text him back, I was just going to wait till he got something else then I get this text from, and he says, verbatim, "Bro if you need something come get it I'm just going to give you was in my jar u don't buy enough to pick and choose" Im kind of offended to be honest, I mean I'm the customer, I get he doesn't want to because of that reason but he doesn't have to tell me and be rude about it, should I just go with another dealer? What would you do?

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  2. Sounds like he's all about the $. Maybe he was in a bad mood or something.. Give him another chance and if he does something similar again ditch him
  3. I try to avoid condescending assholes. I especially avoid rewarding them for their assholishness.
  4. Its just buisness. If you dont like the service go elsewhere.
  5. just because it's business you disrespect your customers Because they don't spend as much as the next guy? No! there needs to be a level of fucking respect towards customers and not just the ones who spend more money, but obviously treating customers like shit is the best way to do business, thanks

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  6. All im saying is that he doesnt care how he treats you because if you stop purchasing from him it wont really effect his bottom line. Obviously he would treat you better if your buisness meant a significant decrease in income for him. Why does it bother you so much anyway? Just take your money to someone willing to treat you as you would like to be treated. If you recieved horrible service at an eating establishment would you continue to go eat there?
    I wouldnt treat a customer that way and i dont advocate it. Im just trying to give you some insight into his line of thinking.
  7. Maybe you should ask to speak with his supervisor and make a formal complaint
  8. This. No matter what business is business in America.

    Don't like dealer #1's attitude go to Dealer #2

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