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  1. So I've been dating this girl for a little over a year now. I smoke weed 1-3 times a week, without her knowing. She claims if she "catches" me high she'll leave, what would you do?

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  2. Talk to her about the benefits of cannabis use and try to reach a medium (e.g. one time a week)
  3. Not to mention she claims she wants to try it "once" but from my first experience was nowhere as good as the second or so on!

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    Uh, what? That doesn't add up haha. She wants to smoke, but will leave you if she catches you stoned? Sounds like something really petty and extreme. You'd think she'd value the relationship more if y'all have been together a year.
  5. Tell her you smoke it, maybe compromise but if she cant deal with it kick her ass to the curb dude its just some bud, you could be doing much worse things dude - and if she wants to try it, that kinda says that shes open to it so she might just be saying that shit? just try make the 1st experience a good one, make sure u got loads of cake n shit for when shes high n get her laughing :) - show her the good sides of bud and she might come round.... if not fuck that bitch in the arse and tell her to gtfo
  6. That's what I'm saying, I don't think she'd break up with me, but the whole situation where she wants to try it once makes no sense either! Blah see why I'm asking GC?

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  7. Does she drink? Explain the benefits of cannabis and how you like to unwind after a long day just as she does with booze, you just prefer a healthier alternative.
  8. No, she doesn't but I think after a good introduction for her first time smoking will make her get over it if it isn't too overpowering for her!

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  9. Do some soul searching. If you really like her and can see yourself being with her a long time, then do what you need to do to make that relationship work. If not, then find someone better for you.
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    Tell her straight up, "I smoke, therefore I am. Accept me or reject me." Any chick that would leave me just because I smoke, well, I don't want her around.
  11. Simple but that's probably the best way to do it eh'

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  12. My advice for her first time is to pack one hitter bowls.
    The first time I smoked, it was a joint and I didn't even get high b/c of anxiety and I had to run from a fucking security guard.
    That way, you waste minimum weed.
  13. educate her about the marijuana
  14. Decide what is important cannabis or someone you like love whatever who does not accept your lifestyle, you sorta gotta decide if this is the only thing she is gonna not like.
    little personal experience once they know they can manipulate you into being just what they want they will ! And usually soon after go about telling you how "You've changed" and we need time apart or some combination of that shit mixed with whatever version of crazy they might have
  15. You should tell her you smoke. No point in hiding yourself from somebody you've been with for a year. Point out to her that you've been smoking while you guys were together and she didn't notice, so clearly it doesn't affect the things she likes about you.
  16. tell her you smoke weed. if you're not wiling to quit for her you need to be honest with her.
  17. get real baked and go hangout with her, if she gets all fussy beat her at her own game, dump her and peace, she'll call back. Shows her your not gunna be her little bitch.
  18. I agree

    If she doesn't like it, you should tell her to GET TA FUCK
    You have to say it in an Irish accent though, it's more effective.

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