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What would you do?

Discussion in 'General' started by Space Cat, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. A girl and I were arguing about this yesterday.

    One of my good friends has a younger brother. He's 12 years old and is mentally disabled. I'm not sure exactly what his disorder is but basically he has the mind of a 2 year old and is legally blind.

    So she was telling me how it would be so sad to have a child like that and how I would feel. I told her that I would never keep a mentally challenged child. I've heard from all my older brothers and sisters that when you have your own child you love it unconditionally and would do anything for it.

    But honestly if my child was like that. It would never amount to anything. You would have to spend all this time and money to care for this thing that will never achieve anything. It can't even move, talk or eat without help.

    In my opinion it's just a waste. She was saying how you would want to care for it and do anything to make its life better. But this thing has no concept of life. It doesn't know what life is. Its basically nothing. You could take it to see the greatest things in the world and have no meaning to it. It doesn't care.

    I would want a child that I could watch grow up. See it say it's first words. Be able to walk on its own. Play sports with it and do all these things together with it like a normal child.

    I really don't see all the effort of going through all that to keep this thing alive when in the end you don't get anything from it. You can never be proud of it or see it be successful.

    She was getting pretty mad and said she hopes I never have kids lol.

    I asked a few of my other friends and they said the same thing I did.

    tl;dr So blades, would you keep a mentally challenged, non-functioning child?
  2. It's a pretty difficult one. It's hard to imagine sticking it through if you had a severely mentally disabled child, being perfectly honest. But that's coming from someone who doesn't have kids, I don't know how I'd feel if it actually was the case. I'm pretty sure I'd be thinking differently.
  3. it's sad you have that view for mentally challenged people... but i'm assuming you've had little to no long-term/intimate contact with mentally challenged people. my brother has been given that title, so for me, the idea of turning down someone just because they don't function at the same level you do just sounds absurd.

  4. The saddest thing I have ever read.. I understand you are very ignorant in the area which you are speaking. Go hang out or volunteer with the mentally challenged they are full of life and joy!
  5. OP you are ignorant as fuck.
  6. My cousin has a phobia of retards and this is his greatest fear :laughing:

    Personally i hate babies and children so an adult stuck as a child would drive me insane. I would give the child to someone who wants it and could take care of them the right way so they can have a semi life.
  7. Either way at the end of the day stop and roll that j too many arguments make the time pass away
  8. All I can say is

    Your a dick :)
    And in a bad way too.
    Just my personal opinion though.
  9. See Helen Keller.
  10. Abandoning a child is inexscusable and abhorrent in any form doing so because your child doesn't fit your mold is ignorant bullshit . Imagine looking them( not IT , mentally handicapped individuals are still people) in thier eyes and denying basic human compassion to your own seed.
    Fucking disgusting
  11. tell her that god isn't real?
  12. I have a cousin who is mentally disabled and I live across the street from this high security fortress which is a school for mentally challenged children.

    I will be completely honest, I wouldn't want a mentally challenged child either.
    Yes mentally challenged people are full of life I can see that. But what sort of life is it to be incapable of feeding yourself at times.

    Cleaning yourself at times.
    Being confused most of your life, and not being an active role apart of society.
    Of course there are different types of mental disabilities and I only speak on the severe ones.

    What is a lifes significance if all it is, is an object that one loves and takes care of?

    I'm not saying they should be killed or anything, I'd probably send the baby to a place where they can tended to.
  13. Why are you referring to a mentally disabled person as a "thing"

    And what do you mean you wouldn't keep your child if they were mentally disabled? What, you think you can just abandon them?

    Grow the fuck up
  14. My brother has aspergers (although he's highly functional), and after growing up with him, I can fully appreciate OP's point of view. I don't think I could mentally, or emotionally handle going through that again. I mean my brother essentially destroyed my family...The shit my parents had to go through raising him, and literally fighting for my life when I was younger.
  15. I say no right now because I think they would be a burden for the rest of my life but if I actually had a kid, I think it would be different

  16. I've seen my friends brother for years. He doesn't seem full of life when he has to be strapped into a chair and fed through a tube and make a whole bunch random annoying noises.

    That's different lol. She could still function and do things.

    No need to bash me for my opinion. I just would not want to care for it.
  17. im fucking disgusted at your appalling opinion and want you to know that if someone told me somthing like that i would, and have, knock their front two teeth as deep into their throat as posible, as to destroy the voicebox, so i would never hear them speak again.
    but to answer the question, id go with adoption because i dont think id be capable of taking care of a child like that.
  18. omg and your calling him an it. wtf is wrong with you????

    can i negatively rep itsphantastic?

  19. That's completely contradictory. You would assault me for saying that when you would do the same thing I would do?

    Think before you post.

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