What would you do with your autos.

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  1. Im right smack dab in bloom. I have the "weed worries". I have a 4x4 that has no 3 WW's and 1 greencrack regular along with one bag seed. All growing great I suppose. Green crack will be saved for well after the autos have ripened. I work on a 24hr light schedule for autos. I have almost all form of nutrients. Yes mostly AN. My question are..If you were growing autos with the similar setup what would you do to or be willing to try to do to really lock in probability of a monster grow? I have temps at 81 solid. Humidity in 40s, AN along with generalhydro's bases. Should I switch autos along with the green crack(a sacrifice imo) in there? I know GC will start to bloom but I'm not terribly worried about it. I feed every other day at low to mid ppms400-800. All in soil now. I've trimmed from the bottom and stretched out the bud sites for light penetration. I flushed about 3 weeks ago. If anyone can let me know a badass trick. No sarcasm! I'd really appreciate the tip. Pistols are developing in node areas and like a kernel of popcorn. By day stands for autos I suppose I'm about a month out give or take. I think light schedule change would be really great especially if I could taper them over a few weeks and get better results or just go with 18/6 because they are use to high heat by now and doing so wouldn't increase shit! Well ventilated. If you can take the time to chime in I will show pics of the setup and give you all available information you will need to do as you say or think may work. Thanks.
  2. Best way to feed autos in soil is every other watering and I grow in Coco coir now there huge in 7 gallon fabric pots general hydroponics micro bloom Cali magic and ebsom salt from beginning to end watering every day with RO water seems to have increased there flowering time but it also has created sum big fat bbw plants

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