What would you do with this space?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by adfw, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I have a 9ftx6ft space availabe for growing. It is only 6 ft high though. Just curious what the best lighting combo would be. I will be using soil to start. Should I build tables low to the ground or use pots. Wiring and ventilation are all taken care of as well will be starting with clones. Just need some help with lighting and effeciant use of space.
  2. Get the smallest hood you can find that will hold 1000 watts.

    Then get another one.

    Put those two in there.

    You'll be happy happy:)

    Although two or three 600w would work as well, if it's too hot.
  3. Ya thats what I was thinking. What about three 600's. would the yeild's be the same?
  4. Actually you would get more weed for the ammount of electricity consumed.
    also the 600watt hps burns way cooler, so the bulb is able to be placed closer to the plants. But if you can get a good deal on a couple 1000's then go that route! with the sea of green method you can bring in like 5 lbs under 2 1000's!

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