What would you do with 400watts?

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    I know 400 watts isn't a lot, I also have the 135 equivalent watt UFO led, and 50watts of cfl inside my 3x3 tent. I will be starting my first photoperiod grow in the next two weeks here and I just wanted to get an opinion from everyone on how to maximize yield (in terms of number of plants/veg time). So if you had my setup what would you do? SOG, one giant scrogged plant? Im in Washington state, so assume clones or whatever is needed will not be a problem. If you want throw in what strains you would grow as well!! What would be your absolute ideal 400watt 3x3 setup for max yield?
    EDIT: that is a 400 watt hps in an air-cooled reflector by the way. this is the kit I have:

  2. I do two plants scrogged in a 2x3 tent under a 400w mh/hps system.
    Yield at least at very least a half pound every harvest.

    I grow mostly photo hybrids. Right now I have this strawberry cough x chemdog that I'm lovin. I'm really thinking I'll pull 12 ounces with her this go around, as this is my third grow from this mothers clones.

    Our setups aren't that different. Give it some time any you could do better!
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    3 plants, fox farm and perlite, scrog, strawberry cough is hot right now, super high thc%, really euphoric feel good high, and the taste is superb. otherwise if you like the taste of the diesel varieties, you should try Strawberry Diesel. otherwise train wreck does pretty much what its name says and it's a really high yielder. blue dreams good, a little weak for me even when grown perfectly, not my type of high, great taste tho. jack herrer is good. yeah those are my recs in order
  4. and i'd veg for 2 mo.
  5. oh shit assuming u dont mean 3x3x3 that is
  6. thanks for the replies! McStoned, that is definitely encouraging for me in the future, once I get some grows under my belt. How long do you veg for usually when you are pulling that much weight? 
    Stonercouple, Im hoping to be able to do a jack herrer this next harvest! this is actually the exact kit I have, plus the extra LED and CFL I mentioned: http://www.wormsway.com/en/gkit1
  7. What is a 135 equivalent watt UFO led? The word equivalent is mainly used to separate new growers from money.
    Nothing is free and the only thing equivalent to 400 watts is 400 watts. The truth hurts sales.
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  9. if room and stealth is not a problem, I would keep the 400w in the tent on 12/12 and veg outside the tent. You can use the lights you have and add some more.
  10. I've got some t5s I start veg under while my previous crop is flowering. Anywhere from 2-4 weeks under that and then about two weeks training into the screen under a 400w mh light.
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone, much appreciated. I think I'm most likely going to scrog two larger plants like MayorMcStoned does(I'll pray for half your weight!) Lotek, I have been thinking about what you suggested, and I'm definitely going to let them veg in my closet once i get another crop in my tent for flower. Just need to figure out a way to let my clones veg without me for a couple weeks when I'm back for winter break :/
  12. Gravity fed drip system will take care of it. I've left my plants for a week straight and been fine. You might have to worry more about them stretching up to the lights than running out of water. You got someone who can check on 'em?

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