What would you do with $200,000,000 if you won it in the lotto

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  1. Title says it all

    Id first buy a sick ass bentley at the local dealership. Then id goto NYC and get some sick clothes a d a bucnh of Jordans. Get a mansion for all my friends. Payoff my parents debt and let them retire and travel the world. Pay for my sisters colleges. Id want to donate atleast 100 mill to charities and foundations that really need it. After that id prob have around 85 90 mil left and id develop a product i have in mind. Invest some and pretty much live a life of traveling and ezpierencing as much as this world has to offer. Good and bad.
  2. I'd speak to a financial adviser to figure out how much I would need to keep to never work again and be comfortable.

    Then I would keep twice that much in case they were wrong.

    I'd donate the rest to charities because who the F needs ALL that money.
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    Buy gold.

    I'd probably buy a shit ton of basses and guitars and amps and shit.

    I'd buy the Headly Grange.

    I'd buy a Pagani Zonda R, an '04 STI, a go kart, and other shit.

    And the rest would go for whatever.
  4. I would keep a bit in the bank to live off of, quit work and start rebuilding my community, give it to people who need it, travel and give some in other places. I would love the opportunity to change peoples lives. Mine would stay the same, live in the same home, drive the same car(fix it up a bit tho). I wish I had $200,000,000..
  5. Buy a shit load of marijuana.
  6. Buy/build a mansion high in the Sierra Nevadas near Lake Tahoe, get a couple of Jeep rubicons, hire some gorgeous women to keep up the house for me and keep me company, buy hella clothes, and start a nice grow. I'll also invest in a few rifles and a decade worth of food.
  7. I would create grasscity

    And all of you are invited to be citizens on my massive island full of weed, we all will live in a giant ass massion like in X-men, each person practicing their toking methods and devoloping new toking tools.

    Once a day we go to the bud feilds and tend

    Ahhh that would be the life...
  8. Id buy a shitload of land in the mountains and build a cabin with a big porch and a rocking chair. Id also buy a ton of seeds and just drive around throwing handfuls out the window.
  9. Buy a house for me and my parents, buy a real good car or 4, buy all the various little things I want (clothes, cell phones, ipads, computers, bongs etc), Buy a fuck ton of weed. My best friends I would toss them like 500,000 a piece then I would use the rest to invest in making more money.
  10. put all of it in the bank and collect interest. then I would use the money to build the massive animal shelter (basement level for reptiles, ground level with outside enclosure for dogs and exotics, second floor for cats) me and my boyfriend want to build. with that much money there would be no limit on the number of animals we could save.
  11. Buy houses in mailbu and san diego. Buy a lotus 2-eleven and a lotus elise. A rolls royce phantom. Buy my parents a house where ever they want. Tons of weed. Invest 10% in stocks.
  12. Pay off my parents debt. Pay off my older sisters debt. Pay off school for myself and my sister. Buy my dream car, 1969 mustang mach 1 fastback. Buy a shit of weed, and then invest the rest in stocks and live off that.
  13. Id still go to college and law school but id def move out of my small apartment into a big house. A few really nice cars, a lot of weed, a ton of glass from cali, rent a house, probably move to Cali or Hawaii.

    I would have to go to college or work, i am not the type of person who could just sit around all day with no real purpose. id go crazy
  14. I'd roll every penny back into my community. I would bolster the local Salvation Army's efforts to provide for the homeless, pay to upgrade our city's school system (and hire back all the personnel that have been downsized in the last 15 years), and ensure that the teachers in our school system are paid fairly. Whatever is left after that would be donated to local charities - humane society, PVA, etc.

    I live in a comfortable house, drive a decent car, my wife has perfume, my kid has shoes, and I haven't missed any meals. That kind of money can't buy me or my family the things that really matter.
  15. This.

    Imagine local law enforcement's panic attack when every highway has copious numbers of marijuana plants growing in full view of the public!!!


  16. It would be like that damn kudzu that grows all over here, no one could stop it and they'd have no choice but to legalize it.
  17. I'd buy a nice house with a ton of personal property that I could ride quads, hunt, and fish on. I'd use half to invest, then just live off the other half. I'd also give both my parents and my sister a couple mill.
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    200 million things from the dollar store:D

    edit: actually probably a multimillion dollar grow shelter?(like underground) out in the middle of know where. most likely not in the us lol. just live there and buy stupid random shit to keep my self entertained
  19. Pay off my house and all my family and friends' debt, to give them alla second chance. Pay for my childrens education. Build a new house, invest im clean energy on my own farm somewhere. Kinda what im doing now on a larger scale.

    Id also pay the 6 million needed to find a vaccine for valley fever.

    Pretty much take care of loved Ones then start a scholarship fund for others.
  20. Probably buy another 20 sack

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