What would you do with 100 a week.

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  1. So over summer I'm going to be getting 100$ a week for watching my sisters kids. I'm probly gonna put 50$ aside for saving . Actually yeah DEFINATELY. What would you guys too with that on the weekends

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  2. I make that in a day and it still doesn't seem like enough.  I would consider getting a better job.
  3. Invest in either a small indoor or outdoor grow
  4. Wow, a whole hundred smackeroos
    That'd give me enough to fill my gas tank for the week and provide me with about one solid meal a day. Of course, I'd have zero left for any of my bills or expenses, and I wouldn't be able to save much.
    I can only hope the OP is 14 years old. If that's the case, 14-year-old me would have spent it on wrestling magazines and CDs.
  5. I would pay a hooker $100 for advice on a better job.
  6. I would pay for sex if I was desperate, but I'm not so records, weed, and Chinese buffet date. 
  7. Save and invest in a high return, safe investment option. You'll have around $1200 by the end of summer. Never hurts to have money growing for the future.
  8. smoking related? an herbal vaporizer if you're looking to be healthier and save your lungs and bud.
    enjoyment of smoking? a nice piece, preferably a good bong with a perc or two.
    long term return, fun and potentially a money maker? growing supplies.
    economically smart? some stocks or other good return investments. depends what you're looking for op.

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  9. I make 3x more than that every day, so if I had another $100 a week I'd just spend it on weed. I take it your young and don't have a job so you should save as much as possible so you can buy a car and have the ability to make more money.
  10. Wow lol some assholes around here. I'm 20 no car no job anymore and sometimes shit happens in lives and people need some loot so I'm helping my sister out for a win win and to chill over summer while I figure out my next path. Buuuuut yeah I know it ain't much knew the new job jokes were comin

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    Just joking, in honesty, I would save all of it depending on the position I was in. Im not a heavy weed smoker. I smoke like once a month so thats like 15$ gone. Besides that I would put dough in the bank for a condo.
  12. With the first week don't shower or shave the whole time, and turn the kids against their parents. Get them to complain about all the rules and mean things about their parents, and how you'd never be so mean. Let them stay up late, eat junk food whenever, cuss, etc. With the first 100 bucks, buy some raggity old clothes for you and the kids, and some markers, a hat, and shades. A bag of weed, booze, and food too of course. Get some cardboard from a dumpster, and make yourself a sad homeless sign. Have the kids make signs that say somethings like "I really wanted an ice cream cone today but mommy wanted drugs" with a drawing of icecream and a happy family on it. Stand on the corner of a busy intersection and watch the money roll in.
  13. You can also use them as cheap labor to pick up cans and bottles all day, or have them go door to door selling overpriced candybars for "cancer research"
  14. I make $70 a day and that's not nearly enough for me and I only have to pay $200 a month for rent. So I have a feeling you may be a small child going on vacation with your parents, and your gonna get $100 a week for watching your sister.

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  15. Spend it ALL on herb.  [​IMG]
  16. Lol weed lover

    If I had an extra. 100 dollars hmmmmm weekly or one time?

    I would buy something nice for myself as im sure most people would do the same

    Depends on when I get the extra. 100

    Right now I would buy a new tennis racket...

    It is it an extra. 100 every week?

    If that's the case everything stays the same but my vices would
    Be able to expand a little on the daily

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  17. I'll sell you my dog
    PM me
  18. omg 100 doll hairs a week? you're gonna be rich. lol jk
    i could never take a job with that kind of pay. i guess it wouldn't be bad if it's extra income though.

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