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What would you do in this type of circumstances?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlazinHigh03, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. If someone is taking advantage of you and shit, but you need them because they're a very good connect, what should you do?
  2. I would never let a dealer continuously rip me off. Maybe he knows that your desperate, so he thinks he can rip you off?

    I would try to find another dealer my man.
  3. Try your best to find someone else. He wouldn't be ripping you off if he didn't think you'd stick around despite it all. Might as well not give him the satisfaction.

    Of course you could always try mentioning it to him first.
  4. situation sucks.... jsut wait it out man... take advantage and go on a t-break or something whilst you look for a new connect! happened with me and i endded up finding a better connect anyways! dont let yourself get ripped off man.
  5. I couldn't see letting someone disrespect me like that. They clearly don't respect you because they are abusing you as a friend/consumer. I wouldn't give them any more or my money, or worse comes to worse, cop a larger amount and stop dealing with them. Before you do anything, try bringing it up with him like JD said.

  6. Could be that the dealer is in an area where weed is hard to come by and he's taking advantage of everyone who buys from him.

    Either way, it wouldn't be a bad idea to let him know that you weigh the sacks he gives you and that you know he's not giving you the amount you paid for.
    If you're willing to risk losing a shitty connect, then tell him that you will take your business elsewhere. Because there are other dealers who will give you the right weight for the right price.

    Best case, he doesn't want to lose a customer and stops ripping you off.
    Worst case, he doesn't give a fuck about losing a customer and you'll have to find someone who won't rip you off.

    Basically a win either way, assuming you can find another connect eventually.

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