What would you do in this situation??

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  1. Well heres the story.. a few years ago me and my friend went halves on a nice bong (1st mistake). and over the course of the next couple years we bought 2 more bongs together.. he is not allowed to smoke weed at his house so all the pipes stay at my house.

    now present day he borrows one of the bongs and brings it to someones house where it gets broken and he tells the people they do not need to reimburse us..

    now im kinda pissed because ive been cleaning and hitting those bongs everyday for years now and he goes out and breaks one and its no big deal because he only sees the things like 5 times a year...he has no sentimental attachment to any of them.

    now my fear is he may want to take out the GOOD bong and wont be careful with it and it will end up broken and once again he wont be sorry.

    What should i do? Tell him hes not allowed to use the bong he payed half for?
  2. He's paid for half of two. Therefore, if he takes another out and breaks it then he should pay for a new one for you to keep.
  3. Why don't you just offer to buy him out of his half of the bong?
  4. He forfeited the reimbursement for your investment on that bong, as well as his, so logically I would say one of the remaining two bongs (the cheaper if you want to be fair) is 100% yours now, while the other is still half and half.
  5. If he doesn't feel the need to pay you back for your half of the bong, then I would agree with bob. Tell him that if he refuses to reimburse you for your half, that you now own one of the bongs 100%, and that if he would like to hit the other one, he cant take it out of the house at all. In the end its his decision to make, not yours.
  6. Wow honestly your friend sounds like a dumbass. You break it, you buy it. I personally don't let my buddies smoke out of my high quality glass simply because of the fact that I'm waaaaaaay too paranoid that they will break it; like in your case. :bongin:
  7. You have to let him know how you feel and let him know what you wanna do.. I thinks that'll be the only way y'all can solve it, let him know your bummed out and that you put money too.. Don't let this event stop the friendship, things like this will happen bro.. Keep it chill
  8. Thanks for all the replies everyone, I would like to buy out his portion but I bet if i bring it up he would just say that he wants to buy ME out of it and I would prob get bullied into it and just give in...
  9. well...then just dont let that happen? Lol stand up for yourself, don't get bullied.
  10. I also don't want to lose a good friend over this.
  11. Damn, tough situation bro.

  12. You in Kamloops? Just guessing based off Daloops hahah.

    Buy him out, stand your ground, be nice and respectful, but stand your ground. Let him know whats up haha :D
  13. Oh I had an idea. Tell him it broke lol. Hide it when he comes over.
  14. I know how you feel. Im pretty sure my friend broke my acrylic bong. But he refuses to believe it was him so now Im stuck with my broken bong. Pisses me off. From now one only thing Im letting him smoke out of is the broken bong and my trusty pipe.
  15. make him give you a security deposit

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