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What would you do in this situation?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Crunge, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Say you were in a sesh with 4 people. After you, the next person in rotation is the person who provided the greenery. But the herbage provider is fucking around with something like he's on the phone I guess.

    Do you babysit the pipe and wait until he's off the phone to pass it to him, or do you skip him?
  2. Ask him if he wants to smoke his weed if not continue on.
  3. Just say "you gonna hit this or what?"
  4. I would just say "Yo ___" and hold out the pipe.
  5. Pretty much what's said above. Offer and then move on as to not waste green
  6. Wtf say something especially if he provided it. But sometimes if I provide it and the next person isnt paying attention i take an extra hit lol
  7. offer it to him and if he doesnt take it pass it to the next person in the rotation
  8. And I mean if he like takes an important call and steps out of the circle.
  9. The group I chill and smoke with is tight as hell. If you go out to smoke a cig we'll just wait and watch TV. It's not that big a deal to wait.
  10. He wouldn't want his weed wasted.
  11. Simple really. Be like "Hey ____ it's your hit". If he looks up give it to him. If he doesn't answer wait a few seconds, like 10-15, and say it again. If he doesn't say anything pass it to the next person. People get in that texting mode where they know what going on but they HAVE to finish what they are texting or they will lose their train of thought. This situation has happened to me plenty of times. It's not awkward or anything. My friends do the same to me. If I don't answer the second time I pretty much acknowledge that it's okay for me to be skipped.

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