What would you do in this situation?

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  1. It's been a pretty shitty week for my younger coworker. (he's 16, and we work at a supermarket) His girl dumped him, and throughout the week she randomly kept coming to the store (and his checkout line) to taunt him.

    A couple of hours ago during work, he came up to me looking particularly haggard and asked if he could bum a cigarette. I didn't think twice and immediately said sure, and told him where my new pack was (very well hidden) in the break room. I make sure to tell him to ONLY take one, he says okay.

    Fast forward couple of hours. I check my pack, out of 20, there are 18 left.

    Meaning he took two.

    Now, i'm skilled in kung fu, so I know this won't need to escalate into a violent situation. I want to solve this issue, yet I see a problem:

    This kid is young and is sort of intimidated (by respect) by me. We've had long, good talks while on the cash register line, and I respect the dude for being legit.

    It just fucking irks me that he took two. If I confront him, it's just being to be stupidly awkward to hold a conversation in the future without it seeming forced and fake.

    I know the feeling of shame and embarassment all to well, so should I put him through that?

    He had a rough week and is a half decent kid, what should I do blades.
  2. find his girlfriend and fuck her and make sure he finds out thatd be adequate payback.

    no im kidding, just dont give him ciggs again.
  3. Dnno that's not that bad...Just say "I noticed you took 2 cigs man, that's not cool"
  4. It's your brother, he is obviously stressed and needed 2 cigs. You still have 18. You'll be fine.

    Share the love. He's family.
  5. Yeah no biggie, it sucks he didn't listen to you but it's only 1 smoke. Just cut him off from now on
  6. ps. Kung Fu LOL
  7. They teach you THAT in the CIA? They teach you THAT?
  8. So you admit to giving a minor TWO cigarettes not ONE?

    If I told my coworker to grab one cig and he grabs two, no biggie, they always offer money.

    And I never give cigs to kids, many reasons, but kids shouldn't smoke to begin with.
  9. Fuck his bitch asap.
  10. Brake out the black belt on his ass
  11. Light a cigarette and take a long drag when you're with him... Then say "since you wanted to take an extra cigarette, here's another one," and push the ember into his forehead
  12. [quote name='"sevensins"']It's your brother, he is obviously stressed and needed 2 cigs. You still have 18. You'll be fine.

    Share the love. He's family.[/quote]

    Where did you read it was her brother...?

    I say let it go. Maybe just say "hey I know you're having a hard time right now. I know you took two cigs, and you should have just asked. But its no big deal"
  13. Haha cigs are like .22¢ each if you are really mad about it ask him for a quarter anytime he wants to bum a cigs.
  14. personally i wouldnt say anything now... but if he asks you for another one just say "dont take two like you did last time". that way he knows you knew without you making a big deal about it.
  15. this jew is on point
  16. Wow, it's fucking 2 cigarettes. Calm the fuck down, wow. Some people on here amaze me.

  17. Wow, some people don't know how to think outside the box. Do you have any people in your life? If you trusted them and then they betrayed your trust, wouldn't you be mad? Some people here amaze me, as well.

  18. But dude it's 2 Ciggs...like wtf why would I trip over 2 cigarettes when i'll have 18 left over or I could just get another pack. Like just think about what you're doing, causing trouble over 2 ciggs? That itself already says something, just forget it...the kid sounds like he had a rough time and I wouldn't mind him taking 2 because I understand.

    I have people in my life and I always build a strong trust with them, which resulted in trusting each other and the thought of doing some shit wouldn't be worth ruining the relationship. Of course there are flaws but thats for everyone, but op should just find a new spot to put his cigarettes or just tell him to not take 2 when the kid tries to bum another cigarette.

    I'm not trying to argue at all but that's just how i'd handle it, this situation shouldn't be anything to cause trouble over in my opinion.

    Fuck this was hard to type, blazed. :smoke: :hello:
  19. We all know its just "2 cigs". The point is he told him to only take 1. He blatantly disobeyed op. i say man up and let him know that taking an extra cig could cost him his life,asap.
  20. You smoked it. One ciggy no biggy

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