What would you do in a situation like this??

Discussion in 'General' started by hublake93, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Ok soo work has been a little weird lately.

    There is this one waitress who has an abusive husband, and lately when I work with her he calls continually.

    I hear from other people he threatens to kick my ass and all this. I do not even talk to her!

    Well this last week he sits outside the restaurant during her shift in his car, and stares me down every time I walk outside. Seriously Im 18 and shes 30 and has two kids. I have no insterest in her.

    Then they hire another guy today whose got a tether around his leg and I get to work and hes doing all my jobs. Apparently the state pays half his check cuz hes on parole its to help get a job and Im feeling replaced.

    Then he makes a comment to me when it comes to clean the kitchen that we could stab each other and go to the hospital instead of cleaning

    and when we were cutting and wrapping chicken breasts, hes like this is weird I can actually raise the knife. Every prison i have been to they were chained to the table.

    PLus my boss starts giving this guy a bunch of my hours I find out at the end of the night

    So If you guys were in this situation What would you do?????
    I really dont wanna be unemployed.

    Sorry bout the wall of text, but I need input. Thanks blades

    TL;DR wrap up
    Being sorta stalked and threatened at work, New guy gets hired with a tether and talks about prison and stabbing, and he works with knives. Trying to decide if its time to find a new job? what should i do?
  2. Yea maybe look for a new job if at all possible dude. I wouldn't risk either getting beat up or stabbed by either parties. No job is worth that much. Safety first bro, then teamwork.
  3. That's some psycho shit
  4. trade the con some smokes and a tug job to shank up the 30 year old abusive husband drunk...

    Edit: I was kidding of course, don't trade smokes and sex for violent crimes.
  5. I would stab everyone in that restaurant, then flee to Argentina or Turkey
  6. Mate with his woman, dispose of the competition.
  7. wow sounds like looking for a new job is in order...
  8. What would I do?

    Seriously, I wouldn't give a fuck.
  9. Sounds like a tight situation man, try and improve your environment, start looking for another joint to work at brotha.
  10. Is your manager doing anything about it? If not, and you can get proof, you can sue them for allowing a hostile work environment
  11. And honestly, if I was the manager, I don't see any problem.

    Unless they slack off or go low on productivity and quality.

    I'm really trying to put myself in the situation here.

    If I had a job, which sounds like sort of a butcher job, and my co-worker was like that, I mean, what's it to me??

    And the waitress is hot and has a jeolous husband. What's that got to do with me??

    I seriously don't see any problem at all.
  12. Show up tomorrow with a Bible and a box of wine. Don't say anything about the Bible or why you have it, but periodically splash some wine on top of the Bible while slowly skulking around it and mumbling some incoherent gibberish.

    That'll teach that homicidal maniac who's the man around your workplace.:devious:

    If they see that you're more deranged than they are, they're more likely to submit to your whims and consider you the alpha male. Prison psychology, man... It works in and out of prison for those weird fucks.:wave:
  13. I would start looking for a new job as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep working but maintain the attitude of pretty much ignoring his threats. If he actually tries something, don't try to fight back too much (i know it'd be hard for me not no) just maintain your cool.
    If he actually does anything, you could sue the slacks off that place for dangerous work environment and your manager for knowing about this situation and not caring.
    And then gimme some of those court winnings
    fifty-fifty, no gimmicks
  14. Also a good idea. But you're risking the fact that he could be just that crazy and be into all of that. Of course, then he could end up up your ally and at least wouldn't try to stab you. So you'd win either way
  15. chain the ex cons knife to the table and earn his respect and loyalty... go outside with said 30 year old woman and sex her all over the hood of her husbands car, run from said husband to the kitchen unchain the knife and watch mr crazystabbyouguy gocrazy :smoke:
  16. Just ignore the guy. Or maybe he's fuckin with you because he knows your intimidated. Just don't go in the walk in cooler alone
  17. Sounds like all your manager needs to do is get a second con to work there, and replace you totally with 2 people for the price of 1. Major fucking suck.

    Start job hunting as fast as possible. I would be willing to bet that if the first guy works out, your time is very short.

    As to the jackass married to the waitress, ignore his ass. She may be stepping out with someone, but as long as it isn't you, no sweat. And once you get a job somewhere else, seriously not your problem.
  18. ok i quit reading there, Either she's a bitch, trying to set you up, or he thinks she's cheating with you.

    I would just get the fuck out, No one wants an oj simpson status shit going on

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