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What would YOU do If....?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Say your best friend in the entire would moved somewere far away. Maybe not in a different country... but like a state say half a country away (thinking in US terms) If this person, your BEST friend, i mean goes above being ur best friend, like your brother basically (assuming your about 18 lets say, and havent really gotten ur feet into the ground but ur ready to do something, anything to get into the world) just moves away? Would you go with em if he/she asked you to?

    Just wonderin what u guys think...

    I expect u to answer this one too Stylez! :p
  2. Good point... here is my situation. IF it were me anyway, its not definate that it is gonna happen anyway.

    But, im 19 right, n im outa highschool, not in college, got nothin holdin me down cept PGH sucks ass. I mean its cool n all but there just aint enough jobs here... not enough cities in PA and PGH is down on jobs as it is. I'd lkike to stay here but if my parents moved, that'd mean i have to get my own place..not easy to do. The only way i would go with them tho, is if my best friend came with me, or at least in a year or two or so came down. The fact that we wanna do the same thing would mean we could go to the smae college... but then again i wouldnt expect someone to just wanna up n move they're life... but i couldn't go honstly without my lil hommie :p So yeah... nothin really holdin me back,im rdy to start, i'd rather do it in FL, a better state IMO more opourtunities.
  3. in the situation im in right now, no.
    Im still in school and plan to go onto college so moving halfway across the country wouldnt be a good idea for me.

    If i was out of school, or even was planning on going to college and hadnt found a college yet i would maybe try to find a college in that area.

    I dunno though.
  4. yeh, i got nothin holdin me down cept for what i said, as for the best friend, dunno if he has anything holdin him down, doesnt mean he's gonna wanna go tho.

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