What would you do if your leg fell off...while u were high?

Discussion in 'General' started by sunset_inc, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Lol, post what you would do if your leg fell off when u were high? lolol sorry if this is stupid, I'm so high right now.

    I would fuckin run and scream and be confused
  2. I would likely try and find out how and why my leg falls off. My legs right now are fairly well attached so they really don't have a reason to fall off. If one did fall off I would probably first check to see if there was any bleeding. If there was I would try and stop that right away, then call an ambulance.

    Legs don't just fall off though :rolleyes:
  3. probably cry, maybe.
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    No... no you wouldn't :p

    EDIT: My official answer to the question is... I live down the street from a hospital, I'd just drag it on up there and ask 'em what to do.
  5. LMaooo nice, i would have nevevevever thought of that. And lol I know legs just dont fall off but im high
  6. LMAO I didnt even think of that!!! ahahahahah
  7. haha I know you know legs don't just fall off :). It would be pretty bad ass if we were all like ken and barbie dolls though and legs and shit could just fall off, be put back on, and everything is fine again.

    then you would have people missing all four limbs when they pass out at parties though... imagine looking around for an arm in the morning after a party... "Fuck where did I leave my arm!"
  8. I had a dream where I fell out a window and my arm popped off, a la Barbie. It scared me.
  9. HAHAHHAHA yo dat would be good as hell!!
  10. It gets better. Imagine how crazy fights would be. You could borrow some body builders arms and legs for a day if you needed to fight somebody!
  11. Sit there finish my blunt and tell my boy to stitch my leg back up
  12. "Let me take one more hit, see if the other one is gonna follow the first"

  13. I'd start looking for duct tape to fix that shit.
  14. I would hobble around on my remaining leg while screaming and trying to find someone to flail with my detached leg, which leads me to the question of the day: would wailing on someone with a detached leg be considered kicking?

  15. Hahaha what an awesome question. I would say yes.
  16. I would call 911, i dunno thats just me..

  17. Id tie it up, look for some dude in a chair, run him down, take his ride home, and pimp it out, Hell ya.

  18. hahaha dude thats funny making a thread about what would happen if your leg fell off and then said you would run hahahah stoner:smoking::smoking:
  19. first i would panic and be confused. :confused:
    then call 911 and finish my joint. :smoking:
    good reason to keep on smoking. :hello:
  20. um this

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