What would you do if you won the Powerball jackpot?

Discussion in 'General' started by humblehead, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. 450million dollars, that'd buy a lot of buds..........
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  2. Id get 2 girls at 1 time.
  3. If I won the lotto I wouldn't cop the newest kicks, I'd use my chips to influence these dirty politics
  4. First thing I would do is move to the Minneapolis area.. Then I would build my dream house. 
  5. donate it all to charity
    haha no really id just buy a fat house and hella weed 
  6. 450 million?  assuming thats the actual amount i receive i would obviously pay off all my bills and cars etc, put 20 million in separate bank accounts for each of the kids, buy a modest house and make it cool as fuck.  buy an evo, an escalade, and a new stingray vette.  live happily ever after.
  7. move to bum fuck nowhere Uraguay, raise cows, eat them, and tend my beautiful marijuana forest
  8. Parents can pay off all debts and retire, bro have schooled payed for if grades improve. I'd probably do what I plan on doing and go to the army still.

    Give some to other family members, some to my buddy, and save the rest till I get back from army. If i die in the army, parents get it.
  9. Ball out yo $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  10. [​IMG]
  11. 450million before taxes-_-

  12. I'd buy new guitar strings cos mine have broken. And I'd get Netflix
  13. Seems like a reasonable investment.

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  14. shit myself
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    First of all I'd recognize the truth about windfalls, that things that are easily acquired aren't as cherished as things we work hard to attain.  So suddenly being bestowed with instant riches doesn't change a person more than it does make one blind to the truth of their ordinary lives.  Money solves no inner turmoil, or pain, nor does it create a life if there wasn't one there before.  Money is a means to an end and if lottery winners can't conceive of a future without money, you can't see one with it.  "A fool and his money are soon parted."
    I'd get a new cell number, sit down with my newly hired accountants and find good invests for the bulk of it.  The bulk of it i'd put away for old age and inheritances.  I'd take fifty million and blow through it like it was water, just to say I had the experience of living lavishly. I'd stay in the world's best hotels at the world's most exclusive resorts for a while, then I'd go looking for adventure anywhere I could find it and I'd take a friend or two along for the ride.
    I'd spend down to around two or three million and go back to living the life I had up to winning the money.
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    Let's say I get 200 million after taxes...I'd take 25 mil for my retirement and then make a list of everyone I've ever known and give it away.  That'd be 175 mil divided by roughly 1000 so I'd travel the land handing out 175,000$ checks for the fuck of it.  That weird dude that sells me beer and cig's---check for you...the hot teller at the bank...heeeere's your check.
    edit:  oh and definitely two chicks at the same time...the kind that'd double down on a dude like me


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  18. i'd probably go about my life almost the same that i already do.  i'd keep most that shit.  i don't think smoking weed everyday is healthy for me because i'm such an addict so i would still buy weed at the same rate.  i wouldn't buy nice cars because i don't feel the need to flaunt.  i'd buy a house in the woods.  maybe buy expensive beer more often.  and smoke more cigarettes.  i'd still go to school but i wouldn't work.
    i'd probably gamble a lot more because i enjoy gambling on sports.  ya thats what i'd do.
  19. I would build a normal sized house with about 50 acres of land and an impenetrable wall to keep people out. Grow bud, vegetables and fruits.
    I'd live a simple life and fly in three new prostitutes every day to constantly blow me while I watch cartoons and eat cereal.
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    astonishment would take hold and i would lose control of my bowels 

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