What would you do if you won 10 million?

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  1. How would you handle the money & all the shit that comes with it.
  2. if i had that much money, i'd be nose deep in some narcotics and not give a fuck about all the shit that comes with it
  3. I would buy all the weed in the world....okay maybe 10 billion haha..and i would have a house built just for the sole purpose for stashing my precious budz.and then i would hide all of it from the rest of the world so i could be like the real fucking Pot King . haha id be making them bitches kiss my rings n shit untill i bless them with my herbs..haha no but forreal id buy the best tube and bowl and bubbler in the world..maybe a chillum to.and a vape.and then a lifetime supply of Hash.and bud
  4. That shit would make its way to several of my own bank accounts within a day of having it. Then I would occasionally take the money I want/need out and just enjoy life as I see fit for each day
  5. id buy every handgun possible from .22 to .50 cal's. id buy 5 ak 47s. id get alot of ammo. then id buy mad weed. then id buy a nice house somewhere away from people. id buy my mom and aunts cars. id make sure all my little cousins are fresh for school and had school supplies. id get an icecream truck and hand out free ice creams in every hood possible. then id go around handing out money to people who looked like they needed it. single mothers and what not. and id hand out school supplies every year.
  6. Well shit let's see
    -buy a condo somewhere on beach
    -build giant weed farm
    -Couple mill to fam
    -build a coffee shop
  7. 1 mil in a Roth IRA

    50,000 to my lil bro and sis for college

    2 million for a house

    1 million in cars/campers/boats etc etc

    2 million into stock market

    1 million to my cousin

    1 million for a trust fund or something for my kid

    the rest i'd just sit on and pay bills with while enjoying all of the outdoors of idaho :D
  8. I'd buy a private island and build a mansion on it, and you're all welcome to live there

    as my servants
  9. 1) Buy a nice house for myself
    2) Furnish it
    3) Buy my parents a nice house
    4) Furnish it
    5) Buy myself a Dodge Charger
    6) Use the rest on costs of living and random shit
  10. Buy some nice shit and a few cars and most likely 1 million dollars worth of weed, then invest the rest.
  11. I don't think you could buy and island and build a mansion on it for 10 mil, or could you?
  12. buy a house and a large property
    buy another house somewhere just to grow weed in
    hook up the fam and the homies !
  13. first i'd scream like a little girl
    then spend the next couple years hiding from relatives i haven't talked to in years asking for money
    then i'd buy a small cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere and all the land around it.
    then i'll finally be able to masturbate in peace
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  14. if only...
  15. get my dick sucked once a day at 6:10 p.m after an adrenalin shot and a stiff bit of codein (which im allergic to)

  16. what do i have to do. I can clean and cook but i aint doin no gay shit with my butthole or nuttin
  17. Have a coronary. The 10 mil. should pay for an awesome funeral. :D
  18. party and bullshit
  19. buy/built/create an entirely unlimited self sufficient property. far away from populations, for me and my family/close friends. and none blood related females (attractive)
    and all that comes with^^^
    huge library with all motherfukin knowledge of ever! exept religious scriptures.
    of course, a continuous sizable harvest of weed.
    and much more.

    next step is to wait until the breakdown of society and inevitable death of billions.
    then chill..
  20. Oh yeah you could, I saw islands prices ranging for $1 to $10 million on a site, and you could buy a pretty ridiculous mansion for $1-$2 million

    Grow a forest of weed plants for me

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