What would you do if you saw someone dog fighting??

Discussion in 'General' started by Deck-ter, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Would you stop it,call the cops, or keep it moving?..I think I would just keep walking, i wouldnt dog fight but it really doesnt bother me that much, pitbulls were created for fighting..
  2. Place my bets.
  3. I love dogs and would call the cops. Pit bulls are not made for fighting. My old friend has one that was one of the nicest dogs ive ever seen. Wouldnt hurt anyone
  4. Call zee police.
  5. yeah except since i havent been to many dogfights i wouldnt bet very high
  6. they were created to work....to pull shit....and to kill pests.....
    not to fight each other....

    they happen to love to "play" ruff........and want nothing more then to please their owners....

    so if fighting makes their owner happy they will do it....

    i have had many of them over the years...when raised right they are the sweetest dogs in the world!!!

    a shity owner can turn them into the shit you hear bout on the news....

    if i saw them fighting...i would get directly in the middle!!!!

    and ask if the owner wanted to fight me?

    i fight pitbills all the time!!!!
    most of the ones in my neighborhood!


    it is me against the dog!

    not one dog against the other.!!!!

    they love it!!! i have so much fun with them!!!!

    yes i have a few holes in my arm......

    so what ? is worth it to have that much fun!!!!
    and to see the dog have that much fun!!!!!

  7. human vs dog=ok
    dog vs dog=wrong

    if you say so
  8. just my opinion....

    i am not going to rip the dogs ear off...or leave it bleeding to death.....

    me and the dog are going to both have a good time....and i know every time the dog sees me it will get so happy!!!!!!and want to come get some love...and then "play" some more....

    they "love" to play ruff!!!

    it is just the way it is......

  9. Me and my girlfriend do something similar ;)

  10. lmao!...i am hoping just similar and not "the same" in some states they send you to jail for that shit!:eek:;):smoke:
  11. I wait until he sleeps then cut off his balls
  12. Thats pleasant. Remind me never to piss you off. :hide:
  13. Id hop into my f-16 and join them :D oh wait.... wrong dogfight.
  14. My old best friends neighbors did cock fights, the chickens would always terrorize her and her lil bros if they tried to get em out of thier yard lol
  15. Yea, most definitely......then if my dog didn't win i would narc on them:)
  16. Dog fighting isn't as bad as the media portrays it. Animals love to fight, its their greatest survival instinct.. So minds well make money from it.

    It's just like pornography, women love to fuck...so why not get paid for it....all the same concept except the animal has no word in it.

  17. WTF?? Dog fighting is not at all like pornography. The dogs don't LIKE to fight...they are beaten, starved, and tortured to become that way. And pitbulls are not at all aggressive by nature, they only become that way when their owners TRAIN them to fight, only because they want to please their owners. Pits are some of the sweetest dogs ever, and every dog deserves to be in a loving home, not in a fucking place where dumbass fucks beat them and force them to fight to death against each other. it's animal cruelty at its worst
  18. There is a little truth in both. All animals have the natural instinct to fight. Even us. With organized dog fights, the dogs are raised and trained only to fight. They are tortured and starved.

    Still its pretty retarded to think dogs dont like to fight.

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