What would you do if you had only 7 days to live?

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Jul 22, 2001.

  1. Saw this on another forum, quit intresting what people do if they have only 7 days left of their lives. What would you do? make the wordl a better place, or rob the bank and live like popstar?

  2. get all money i have, sell everything i can, and go to amsterdam.
  3. well- Ideally I would have a lot of weed- but I can't find it anywhere round here and I can't drive yet (Test on the 9th of Oct).

    But I think my main course of action would be to go out into the world- and live well. I would spend the time doing all the things I was too shy to do. I'd make peace with all the people I usually don't talk to or argue with. I'd tell everyone everything about me- everything I have ever hidden everything I have ever done wrong- no matter how big or small. I'd do everything I allways wanted to do but were too worried that it'd ruin my life.

    well that's it.

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