What would you do if you buy a sick puppy and the guy offers to give you the money back?

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  1. I brought some puppies and they ended up being sick a day latter. Some died, two made it and the guy is offering to give me the two that survived and my money back
    He says he spent over 2500 trying to save the puppies

    We don't want the puppies back. I just can't risk bringing an illness into my home
    Besides, the way I see it, the guy fought for the puppies lives, maybe he should keep them????
    If the guy really spent so much money on the puppies, I don't feel right taking the money back
    In a way it has nothing to do with me, I'm just caught in the middle, the guy says he wants to do it right
    But still 2500 and two puppies died and two beat it?

    What would y'all do?
  2. Not sure I'd be comfortable sending them back to him although I could easily be reading too much into nothing.

    I'd take the money and remaining dogs, if he is a professional breeder and they died in a manner of days I'd expect him to refund for those two. The fact that he is offering makes me second guess him being a bad guy. Hard to give a warranty for an animal, but 2 days is obviously a refundable situation. If he is a responsible breeder then it shouldn't be a problem if you tell him that the whole situation sketched you out and you'd like to return the survivors. If it is a problem then find them a new home and recoup some of the money like that I guess.
  3. Fuck man, I won't lie this broke my heart. Sorry you lost 2 already.
    Personally, I'd keep them. They might turn out to be just the companions you need. Offer them love and attention and maybe a vet check here and there if you're willing to shell out the money (which you sorta seem to be) and they might just recover fully. The only thing is that if they don't, obviously there's that tragic loss to cope with but at least you gave 'em a shot. Those are my thoughts anyway, but I get how getting the money back could be tempting.
    The way I see it is that I'd be willing to let that amount of money slide and be risked for potentially having the best buds I can have around (if they make it out of their illness, that is). But that's me. Good luck dude.
  4. Im gonna have to state the obvious and ill sound cold for it but here goes.

    Remove your emotion from it. It's business. No matter how nice the other person acts he could be lying. He might not have spent much at all and if your emotion overwhelmes your better judgement and experince, you are losing out on quite a bit of money.

    If you change the puppies out and put tacos or some other commodity in play, it seems less emotional and your mind doesnt get swayed by your heart. Many people have learned the hard way that heart overiding thought equals failure.

    Id get a refund and find someone else. But that's me. Besides, he's more invested than you are at this point and you owe him nothing. He couldn't deliver. Not your fault or problem.

    Wish you all the best regardless of what you decide.
  5. Take the puppies and the money, he clearly can't have a very sanitary environment.


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  6. Next time go through a reputable breeder, and not craigslist.
  7. Well I talked to the person. He offers to give me them the ones that made it plus my money back

    In the big picture it was not a lot of money. I saw that he took care of the sick ones and some made it. It's weird, when you fight to save something's life you create a bond with it. They also spent a good 2k with the fluids and medicine. Parvovirus is expensive. I death with it twice
    Won the first time
    Lost the second time

    But anyways I told them to keep the puppies for their family and the money and as far as I was concerned it was my little tiny contribution to the doggy world.
    I knew they wearnt selling sick puppies on purpose. You can do it once, but once you have parvovirus your not going to survive the next breeding because all of the puppies are going to die long before age six weeks old.

    so thanks to all of y'all for your high wisdom and advice :)
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     Next time go down to the humane society and adopt a pet that really needs a home. Fuck all you high priced dog breeders and your puppy mills you could care less about the dogs you just want the profit. You think a expensive dog makes you a bad ass wrong. Compassion for animals with no homes or food to eat that makes you a bad ass motherfucker.
  9. Idk man, I could understand why someone would want to buy a dog from a breeder. Some people want to have a certain breed and want it to be pure.

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  10.  Well the thing is, it really IS better to purchase from a reputable breeder.  this way you know their blood history, what diseases to watch out for, proper diet, you really DO end up with a better dog that way.  
     Some of the most loving dogs are rescues though, i cant argue with that.  Dogs arent stupid.. they know they're being rescued.

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