What Would You Do If (GAME)

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  1. OK what would you do if you had a sharp knife and a saw and you HAD to put your friend out of his missery because you were in vietnam and he was dying and shit which one would you use the saw or the knife.

    Keep it going answer the what if above you.

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    I would just let him die on his own because as you said, he was already dying....

    I could never just stab someone, even if it was a stranger, just couldn't do it....

    What would you do if someone held a gun to your face? how would ya react?
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    What's ur ?

  4. Ok so now you post a what would you do if that's how the game works keep it rolling :D
  5. OK i will do another one.

    If you could have a flying surf board of a flying snow board which wold it be ?
  6. wouldnt matter to me because either way you wouldnt be surfing or snowboarding, just flying.... hah so i guess a surf board so i could lay on it and smoke while i fly :smoking:.

    what would you do if there was no grasscity? :eek: ha
  7. I would probably accomplish more instead of getting caught up in a GC loop and blazin' :smoke: What would you do if you traveled back in time to save the world from an apocalyptic virus, but they thought you were insane and wouldn't listen?
  8. i would be like fuck yu all then.

    what would you do if your gf and your mom were hangin off the cliff and you could only save one. who would you save
  9. Mom that was easy.

    What would you do if you're in jail, about to get raped?
  10. Take a shit mid rape

    What would you do if your getting head in your house, an your doorbell rings and you hear "GC member is your mom I came to visit"
  11. Well..


    What would you do if you had to be in an insolation tank high on Ayahuasca?

  12. sleep

    what would you do if you killed a man on accident
  13. Run away

    What would you do if you had diarrha and vomit crazy, what would you do first
  14. I would knock him unconcious, then cut small incisions at different nerve points throughout the body. He would be dead in ~8-10 minutes.
  15. Diarriah, and then into the same bowl, vomit.

    What would you do if you had 150 yards to the green, and you had to choose between 7 iron and 8 iron?
  16. The saw. I'd bend it different amounts while striking it with a stick so it made musical notes. Then I'd tap out "Taps". Then, after being cheered by the music, I'd ask quietly to tell his friend (me) what his bank account numbers and passwords were.
  17. the 8, because i'd rather end up a little short and on the fairway than end up in a bunker past the green or something..

    what would you do if you got a pound of free weed, but weren't allowed to smoke or sell it?

  18. vape it ;)

    What would you do if you found 6 dollars?
  19. I wanted the answer to be 'Check the wind', but yeah, I see your point. You'd rather have a straight forward chip shot into the green rather than coming from a hazzard. Good strategy.

    What would I do with a pound of weed that I can't smoke and I can't sell?

    I'll just give it to you man.

  20. See if there's more around...

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