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What would you do if a stranger.......

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Walked up to you and want to know if you smoked??

    Would you try to hide it till you knew the person better??

    Would you believe that the person is on the up and up and you had nothing to fear?

    What would you do???

    I have had this to happen a couple of times lately.. I wouldn't let it be known that I smoke till I was sure the person asking wasn't going to send me to jail...
  2. I would just say no i don't smoke it why do you ask until i found out a bit more about them, if i knew they smoked and just wanted to have a toke then roll ahead.
  3. if i got nothing on me, i would say yes, i smoke..... then if he ask me i got a sack, i just say thats coo, and keep doing what ever im doing......
  4. The only time someone will know if I partake, is if they burn with ME first. When people I don't know ask me ( without offering to burn ) , I tell them. "Naw, I quit smoking that stuff a long time ago. I'm dumb enough without it" lol So the only time someone KNOWS, is if they come up and SHOW me the nugget, j, bowl, and offer it up to smoke. Because of my hair and facial hair, people can, and usually do suspect I do, but they don't KNOW! :smoking:

    Man, discussions like this always make me mad! If this PLANT was legal, I wouldn't have to hide my true self from everyone. :(
  5. I would be like "fuck off", you can never be to safe, if i knew them well enough i would be like "hey, wanna go smoke a j?"
  6. it all depends in the situation i was in... if i was a tad bit older an in more of a professional situation, i'd sayno... if it were now...

    fuck it, they offered..... im just consuming... but yeah, get to know the person ... then burn it down....:)
  7. really depends on how the person looks, how official their dress is, and whether or not they are male or female...

    lots of factors, but generally, id say yes, i smoke.
  8. That has ahppened to me a lot. I usually tell them no, but since I'm a lot with musicians, almost all my friends smoke. That usually leads to a conversation and I can decide later if I want to expose myself
  9. It depends what they look like, if they look like they'd be safe with me tellin them then yeh i would tell them, but mosly a simple no is what i say
  10. smoke what? with a sly smile would be my answer
  11. l,d ask them why they wanted to know ?? :D
  12. Just say no! been to too many DARE programs! LOL
  13. It's odd when some one you really don't know, but you do know ask.. One guy said mr. x told them to ask me for some weed.. In turn I replied " there is lots of it out in the cow pasture." I was kind of shocked by this person asking..

  14. lol, someone asked me if I was a toker once and I replied "it depends on why you're asking"
  15. it all depends, they could be acop or whatnot, i mean as long as your not high then and dontkave anything on you then they cant do anything so id say yes, but if i hadany parafinellia(sp)on me i wouldent or if i was high prolly not, (for that whole public intoxication thing..) but i dont see why telling them could hurt..
  16. yea im with higha, smoke what would be my answer:)

    AdamBC, i've met many a narc, few of them look like police officers. Usually look like crackheads or hippies, as they are intended to look to throw people off, so its hard to use looks as a guide.
  17. Honestly, if someone asked me if I smoked... I'd just give a little laugh n ask them what they think. If they can't answer then, well oh well haha. I don't care if people know i smoke, its not like i'm exactly ashamed of it. THose who look down on people for smokin weed just have a larger amount of ignorance than others
  18. the only time i'd let them know is if i was blazin with them

  19. damn strait
  20. id say yeah, take out my pack of cigs and offer em one haha

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