What would you die for?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by PeruvianDank, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Ask me?

    I would probably give my life only for the defense of Earth and Humanity, in a battle against an alien invasion. LOL :smoke:

    I guess I can't find no other reason to risk or give my life for, except in self defense scenarios I guess. I'm just that selfish with my life I guess.

    What would you give your life for? Perhaps your significant other, wife, sons or daughters? Maybe your country? Or religion? That'd be an interesting perspective to hear. Perhaps you wouldn't? Just say it down there :wave:

    "A man who hasn't found something he is willing to die for is not fit to live."

    - Martin Luther King Jr
  2. I'd die to save people. I don't have to know them really. They just need to be saved.
  3. I would die only if it could mean there would be peace on earth..and that people would take care of the earth way better than were doing now. My death would be so worth that.
  4. I would step into harms way to protect someone else, not really deliberately sacraficing myself and obviously i'd try to protect them without dying, but i dunno I think i might die doing that.

    or perhaps i will be too cowardly to defend them, it's hard to tell till you're right in there.
  5. I wouldn't die for anything. But I hope to make a positive change in the world before I die.

    There are so many people in the world who just take up space. They live, they die unknown. I know I sound like a prick, but what's the point of giving up my life to save someone that serves no purpose.
  6. Myself. There's no other way. Ultimately it's all for you.
  7. This is one of those topics where it's a "had to be there" situation..what I mean is that even though someone says they would do one thing,when put in the actual situation try might do something completely different you know?but anyways,I think I'd only sacrifice myself if I knew that whoever I'm defending will be saved,if there's a chance I'll die in vain I'd rather stay alive to fight another die..than again if I'm put in that situation who knows what I'll do?
  8. My girlfriend <3
  9. Other people. If my dying act was to save someones life, even just one person, I would consider that a victory.
  10. To show others the truth
  11. I would die for the people I love. For example, Family, girlfriend and a few select friend out there!

    For some reason I feel more comfortable with me dying then anyone in my life who I really care for. I guess I have not lost someone really close to me my whole life, so I fear it. :confused:
  12. My little sister...

    If she was to be chosen to represent my district in a 24 person battle royale then I would surely take her place. I am a trained archer whereas she is just as innocent as a kitten.


  13. Nice, very nice! I bet Katniss would be proud :)
  14. I would die for a good cause that i truly believed in. Im hoping to turn that cause into a career though.
  15. another person. Then again, it would depend who the person was. Also on the situation. I probably wouldn't be able to if it actually happened....

    It's probably better to live to fight another day. But I don't think you can die in vain. If you die for something you believe in, than you did that right at least. What more can you give than your life?
  16. Any of my best friends and all of my family members. Everyone else I'd definitely try to help/save but it all depends on the situation if I would actually DIE for a complete stranger.
  17. I'd only want to die if I expirienced a Great Physical,Spiritual and Mental life,That way I can be ready for the next exisistance:gc_rocks:

    You never really see anyone use that ^^ LoL
  18. I would die for a quarter pounder with cheese and bacon right now

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