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  1. Im just curious, if you had a choice to pick which bud you could have just by looking at a picture, first is northern lights, second afgan kush. people told me they loved the northern lights and were disappointed with afgan kush, I thought the Ak looked better, it seemed to have more crystals, I thought more crystals meant a more potent bub


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  2. From my smoking experience (granted it's SO limited in comparison to many on this forum), the 'appearance' of the bud is hardly something to go by. I've bought some that look like they were just dug out of the dirt, stuff you'd be hesitant to hand your money over for, then you have a toke and you're on your ass for hours.

    And then i've bought the most amazing LOOKING bud i've ever seen, and it smokes like grass clippings and you smoke the bag before you feel anything. Granted this is most likely due to the cure, the harvest etc and not the strain.

    So...What i'm trying to say is that I wouldn't make my choice based on pictures alone! Get some smoke reports on these strains and see what people say, and make your decision based on that :) 
  3. can you reccommend where to go to read smoke reports?
  4. That's a bit of a tricky one... I would just find some completed grow journals here at GC of people growing out the strain you're looking at, and see what they have to say about it. 

    I wouldn't trust ANYTHING written on any seed bank or anything like that, as they're just trying to make a sale. That's why GC forums are great, the stuff posted here you know isn't for a profit, so you can generally trust what people have to say.

    Or just simply google "(Strain) grow log" and you should get plenty of results. Just keep in mind the end result really is going to depend on how well you grow it. The grow logs are a good indicator but a lot of these people have ran many many harvests and have their grow room set to perfection, your results may vary ! :p
  5. I would take the below link to the smoking and usage area of the site
  6. The northern lights doesnt look done so you cant really judge and the afgan looks like something went wrong. Dont know if its genetics or something environmental but it just doesnt look like most buds that have heavy indica genes.
  7. neither looks like nl or afghan..those have sativa leaves
  8. Are those your plants?  Smoke them and tell us what you think/feel/taste.

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