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    IF you could choose ANY method of growing, and things like cost/space/risk were NON factors (to a certain degree, im not going to buy a 50000sqft warehouse :p) and when i say risk i mean risk to the plants, not risk of being caught. Also assuming you have enough knowledge or are at least smart enough to pull off any system.

    1: What system would you use? use the poll here.
    2: What do you feel is the best way to execute the system you have chosen.
    3: Is there a retail system that can be purchased that BEST fits your choice.
    4: WHY?

    I should be getting my license to grow, I like to do things right the first time. I have a combined 90+ years of growing and the internet at my disposal. Im looking for the proven best method and a retail way to buy it, or at minimum a visual so I can recreate it. I have not purchased anything yet, I am doing vast amounts of research, and as you can see conducting of polls, and when the time comes I will compile all of my findings and build a grow room.
  2. A big ass RDWC system with 1k bare bulb on each plant would be the way to go. A man can dream....
  3. anyone else? im interested to hear what types of each system people use! cmon guys share the knowledge!
  4. I'd do a bunch of 2-3k vert stadiums on flip flops with coco, smartpots and drippers. I'd make a bunch of separate rooms and monocrop so that I could isolate any problems that might arise. If necessary start small with one room and just keep adding on.
  5. Outdoor. Set It And Forget It.
  6. I want to try an experiment of outdoor hydro one day, but for now, I vote hydro.

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