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What would you call this shit? Good deal y/n ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iJeax, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I've been a long time smoker but when it comes to knowing what kind of shit I got, good deal/bad deal.. Well, I'm not so smart in that area.. So I'm coming to you guys for your expertise. Btw this is BC Bud, this is where some of the best green in the world comes from. I paid $40 Canadian for this shit, waddya think it is if you can tell.. is it good or not and did I get a good deal, ripped off.. etcetc. Thanks!

    Pictures won't seem to show up with tags.. so just go here.

  2. You're getting ripped off bro. Kill your dealer!
  3. How do you figure?
  4. Well, considering canadian money is a half step above monopoly

    Just jokes dude, but unless those nugs are incredibly dense, it looks like youre gettin skimped...
  5. I figured.. Time to find a new dealer haha.. There's not much you can do other than that. Thanks for the reply! Any idea what kinda stuff it is tho?
  6. Do you have the weight available?
  7. Extort your dealer lol jk
  8. Unfortunately I don't.. I usually just get blazed up by friends which is why I never have to buy weed and which is why I don't know if I'm getting ripped or not. But I decided to start buying my own shit now that I use it every night before I watch Ren & Stimpy etcetc haha. Not much you can do when you get ripped though, not like you're gonna say "Hey you're ripping me off" to the dealer.. Just have to find a new one.
  9. #9 Hef, Nov 30, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 30, 2011
  10. Buy a scale, weigh it. Can't tell from looks alone, but my two cents (USD) is that it's skimpy.
  11. That's about how much private reserve I would get for $40..

    Unless it is top shelf or extremely dense you are getting skimped at that price.
  12. Well, we pay around the same. $10 Euros is around $13 Canadian. BC Bud is usually extremely good stuff if you're getting it from the right dealer, and I'm sure if there are any other BC smokers in here they will vouch on that.

    I plan on buying a scale sometime soon actually, thanks for the reply.. time to get a new dealer.

    Yeah well what can ya do.. I'm pretty sure it's some really good stuff tho.
  13. Well compared to my personal situation, I'd say that you're not getting your full money's worth - BUT I don't live where you do nor do I know what 'the market' there is like. Sorry, I wish I could tell you something more positive. Hopefully it medicates you well enough that it's not a total loss.
  14. Thankfully my tolerance isn't that great and I can smoke half a joint and get pretty ripped and save the other half to smoke once I start burning out to keep me going!
  15. just always ask your dude to weigh it out in front of you...its business...make sure you get what you pay for and if he's not willing to do it he/she doesnt deserve your business
  16. The dealer is pretty intimidating lol.. I know him personally and he's someone I don't really wanna make mad.. Oh well, I'll just get a new dealer, won't be too hard.
  17. I'd say.. that's 3 grams max.

    I live in Canada too, and I get an eighth for $30. (Yes over here in AB we get all of BC's weed)

    So i'd say, you paid about $15 too much.
  18. Yeah my cousin lives out in Alberta and he gets some BC Bud as well. Well that sucks.. Kinda pissed off lol, hate getting ripped.
  19. I live in Vancouver BC and 8ths range from $30 for the alright shit and 40 bucks for the top of the line shit. But it all depends who ur dealer is and if you live on the westside lol
  20. Haha sweet another fellow vancouverite! go canucks go!

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