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What would you buy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KiidKush, Mar 24, 2012.

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    So im laying here watching a gameshow on tv and thought, what would i buy if i won the grand prize?

    Well i know the first thing i would buy... Some dank kush :smoke:

    I wanted to hear from all of you, what would you buy if you won the grand prize?

    Edit: i was thinking a little deeper into this and thought if i had all that money, i would buy a collection of bongs, vapes, bubblers, pipes, you name it, and put them all in a apartment that i would rent out and smoke in. :D
  2. Depends on how much the prize was. If it was $20 I'd probably throw it in the gas tank. Now if it were say $100,000, I would buy gold, lots and lots of gold, and of course some glass/kush.
  3. I'd buy sharks with laserbeams on their heads :bongin:
  4. 80's- early 90's dodge Dakota, everything needed for a big block swap and a 440. 440 goes into my Fury, and the fury's 383 goes into the Dakota. I die a happy man

  5. Haha, Nobody would mess with you ;)

  6. Kush is gold :D
  7. id buy a place to live, not rent just buy it. Since ive already ordered my new bong id buy a pound or so of some good weed (dont want to get sick of the same strain buying kilos n shiit) then bank 30k for interest, save the rest for whatever i desire.

    edit - assuming the prize is 100k
  8. How much are we talking here?

    $100 - I'd just spend it like I usually would, $100 is nothing special. I'd pick up some weed, buy some munchies and just chill.

    $100,000 - I'd actually do something with this money. I'd buy a nice car, probably one ranging from $20,000 - $30,000. I'd open a small business with $50,000 and the $20,000 that's left would let me live my life for a while. On the side I'd be saving up for when that money runs out.

    $1,000,000 - I'd open a pretty big business with this, I'd move country, and buy a nice house. I'd definitely love to win a million dollars lol.
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    depends on how much but id buy a piece of land in the mountains and get somebody to build me a nice log house. if there was any left id get a 1990 zr1 corvette from an aution for like 10gs.
  10. Less than 1K: Probably get a new set-up for clones and MH to veg under.
  11. If it's like 1Mil I'd buy a house and pre pay all my bills for the next several years, then I'd continue to work, but spend all that for pleasure
  12. This. Find a nice comfy home somewhere and cop a lb of something with the remaining bread. That would be a major come up
  13. I would get a caddi
  14. I would get a nice house, and a car, and a shitload of clothes and shoes and whatever I wanted. Some diamonds
  15. 100k i'd invest it. double or triple it. reinvest a portion of that, buy weed, cars, etc. i wouldnt blow it all. save, reinvest, save, reinvest. retire at 30, enjoy life
  16. $20 i would go buy a case of beer or a 8th or something

    $100,000 i would mod my GT-R, Go on a trip to Italy or something with my girl. Buy a QP or/and buy some clothes.
  17. how much is the grand prize? anything under $20,000 would go pretty quick. first i would buy an O and then i would move to Colorado and try and find a job working at a dispensary or something. if its like $100,000 same except i would buy a small house and start growing. if its like 1mil or more i would move out of the country.

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