What would you be more afraid of? (in Jurassic Park)

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Say you were stuck on Island B. No fences, nothing. What dinosaurs would you fear most?

    T-rex: Only seems to be two of them so its easy to escape. Big, so they can smash there way into a lot of places. Strength, etc. Size is also a limitation, being that they can't go into confined spaces. Would take some heavy firepower to bring one down.

    Velociraptors: Intelligent, pack hunters, small, vicious, deadly. Can be killed relatively easy with a big enough gun.

    Yea, I'm in the middle of this movie and just wondering what your guys' THC induced thoughts were as well. :D:smoking:
  2. +rep for watching JP man, great music but the raptors cause their fast and smart as shit , eat some candy for me
  3. T-Rex, if you move they can't see you.....

    Sit in a corner, and spark a bowl...lol, unless they can see the smoke, then just wait.
  4. no if you move they can see you, if you stay still they cant see you, so smoke a blunt in a tree and try and hold the hit while the t rex looks at you
  5. raptors man. id be afraid of those the most i think

    but if you are saying we get guns........BIG guns at that.....meh i wouldnt care about any of them then :smoke:
  6. I'd be scared of when speilberg and his crew come over to film those shitholes of JP 2 and 3.
  7. Down in the Florida everglades we'd go out in the tall grass and blaze it up. We'd swear we saw Raptors darting here and there.

    Good times...good times. Raptors freak the shit out of me. Along with ticks. I hate ticks.

    "Don't go into da long grlass!"
  8. heinous you from florida mjan
  9. Yea, I was born and raised in Daytona Beach. Then, had to move out here to New Mexico for awhile.

    Then, I'll be moving. :)

  10. Did you ever smoke out an alligator? I heard they're very conversational after a good J.

    (please dont try this)
  11. yeah im in daytona right now but i live in orl
  12. ill be right near daytona in july :hello:
  13. Actually, gators are never really a problem. Unless someone's a dumbass and really provokes them.

    They like to eat cats though. Poor kitty. Why couldn't have been me!? WHY, LORD!? WHY!?
  14. Definately Velociraptors! Man I love JP. I wanted to be an archeologist when i was younger. I was obsessed with that movie.

    What about that fucker who spits the acid? I'd hate to meet him too @_@
  15. Oh and my crazy mom just gave me a bud, smoke or wait till tomorrow?
  16. Jurassic Park: The Lost World. If this movie were tits, it would the warmest, softest pair of tits there is. Just beckoning you to cozy up to 'em.

    *Goes off to squeeze girlfriend's tit*
  17. now i want some titties
  18. i'd be scared of the zombies man.

    Seriously, zombies are fucking scary!
  19. I think the movies sucked, i've read the first two books though and they are actually very good.
  20. yes, the boooks are MUCH better than the movies. but i love the movies none the less. And of course, the scariest dino, would DEF be the raptors, i mean come on, there just as intelligent as us, wayyy faster, wayyyy deadlier, designed hunters.

    god what id do for a pet raptor.

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