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what would we be without emotion?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by nolastnamex, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. a being with inteligence has emotion. they go hand in hand.

    a computer compleating a function isnt smart. a computer that can do a trillion trillion calculations per second isnt intelligent, its functional.

    inteligence is not just "knowing" is "learning"
  2. I don't think people would have kids.

    We would logically conclude that life was an unnecessary burden without joy, laughter or gratification.
  3. emotions = / = instincts. We would still have the instinct to reproduce.
  4. Would we? It can be a thin line when talking about emotions and instinct.. Making sex feel good was a survival strategy of life. If it didn't feel good, think we'd do it? I doubt any animal would if it didn't..

    It's why dogs hump your leg, why a chimp mouth rapes a frog, feels good man. Without emotions, you wouldn't do shit. You wouldn't run from a predator for fear of dying, you wouldn't lust after that hot cavewoman, you wouldn't strive to do better.

    Plants are what we'd be without emotion..
  5. Think of the organisms that reproduce without the temptation of the pleasures of sex. Don't you think we have that same basic instinct to further the existence of our race?
  6. It'd be there, but far from anything it is today. Mating would only happen when individuals cross paths. They wouldn't search it out, they wouldn't care enough to stick with the same mate when they do find one, wouldn't care enough to raise their offspring when mating finally did happen. I think the same with any other creature. I've actually been one to think plants get off too, lol. When a bee comes by to pollinate a flower, it's almost like it's masturbating the plant. Same reason a tree grows as tall and wide as it can, it strives for that light. Yeah, it's just doing what it's doing, but it's like us eating a Snickers, satisfies the hunger.

    That's why I said it can be a thin line between emotions and instincts. Some people look at them as one in the same (like me, for the most part).. I see all life as WANTING to live, striving for it. Your viewpoints on emotions and instincts will define how you see life as living.

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