what would u rather do

Discussion in 'General' started by Chronic420, Jul 18, 2003.


what would u rather do

  1. get drunk

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  2. get high

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  1. what would u rathe do

    get drunk

    get high
  2. get high by far!
  3. Definately get high....if I was a drinker, I'd be posting on a drinking forum!
  4. do both....

    why sacrafice on or the other......

    though i do blaze more frequently .....ie. work, just chillen, etc...

    drinking is a social thing...or a just to get bent thing....
  5. Get high, definitly.
  6. Oooo...tough call.

    I get high to help me relax and unwind but I get drunk purely for fun. I like fun.
  7. Get high. I like to get drunk every once in a while, but I'll toke everyday. Getting drunk is fun, but I like to have more control over myself most of the time and save drunkeness for when I want to go wild.
  8. Drinking like 5 beers then smoking is the best feeling, but I'd say getting drunk because usually that means you're at a party, and I tend to smoke when I'm not doing anything that great, so usually if I'm getting drunk that means I'm having a better time.
  9. Smokin' herb, Hands Down Winner.
  10. well it depends on the situation, if i'm jus wit a group of my friends i'd smoke, but if i'm at a party wit a buncha fineass chics i'd get drunk cuz some chics r anti pot, but all chics r down to fuck around wit a drunk guy lol.
  11. I'd rather get high.
  12. i'd rather we all get stoned insteada drunk.
  13. hhhiiiigggghh
  14. get high, sometimes i like to get a lil hammered tho

  15. i was going to post this exact thing....different words, but the same
  16. but its kinda funny tho, every personin my family is an alcoholic, my grandfather and his dad were alcoholics, its like a gene that if we drink, we dont ever get enough, but no matter how it is i like to get stoned
  17. Mix the two together they each go to your head.
    Fuck you up big time.

    Did that one to many times so i'd go with just weed.
  18. Get high! Drinking doesnt do it for me, but i occationally have a MGD or Budwieser

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