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What would u do? (Drug Test)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DaZEED&ConFuseD, May 3, 2006.

  1. I got a DT this friday at around 5 and I've smoked like an 1/8 in the past month and the last time I smoked was last night (tuesday night). I was wondering if i should go buy a detox or drink plenty of water and take niacin 500 mg pills or maybe something different? Im a pretty athletic guy (170 lbs)and i run and lift weights consistently, which I was going to go do tonight and probably run a shit load tomorrow. Thanks for any help
  2. Cranberry juice.
  3. just drink a lot of water and work out. with 3 days to clean yourself out you should b fine.
  4. No dont only drink water....get sum jak or sumthing and go into ur bathroom with the shower on and work out in in the mist....WORKs.....
  5. Just alone that you run a lot and work out should have you clean now. If it's a lab you're fine with drinking a lot of water and pissing a couple of times till you piss clear. If it's a lab test this will be more complicated.

    From now until your test eat a good amount of red meat, if you can for every meal it'd be perfect. Then the morning of the test taking about 10 times the daily amount of Vitamin B. Then spend the rest of the day drinking water till your test and pissing a couple of times in between.

    This way, the high creatine level will rule out dilution by water in a lab test. The Vitamin B will colour your urine yellow to rule out dilution as well. Drinking the water will dilute your sample plenty. You probably don't even need it because you keep a good work out schedule which is usually enough to keep you clean.

    Especially as an occassional smoker like yourself, you should be clean without doing anything within 3-4 days. But, it's good to be safe :)
  6. ^^^just get creatine monohydrate. Start taking it 5-10 grams a day before your test and on the day of.

    I smoked every day for a week and my last smoke was on a wednesday night and I passed a drug test on a sunday. I drank a lot of water the morning of but nothing else.

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