What would the world be with out cannabis

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  1. Have you ever wonder how your life would be with out weed??
    "I Smoke weed to take me away from this mest up world"
  2. Very different.
  3. Some people might learn to spell correctly.
  4. I don't even want to think about it.
  5. What kind of world would it be without weed,will would be like theirs not a world.Probably coke will be in it's place.Try putting coke as of it's weed rite now and see how it will be.
  6. We would all be enslaved.
  7. [quote name='"greenterror"']We would all be enslaved.[/quote]

    Already are
  8. A sharp rise in alcoholics would quickly ensue.

  9. Even more so.
  10. Can you imagine a cave man in a small brush fire, and happened to be standing by some burning pot plants. He knew at that moment this was special medicene. the worlds first stoner..
  11. I think opium would actually be the sub. if weed didn't exist...

    The world would be totally different, there'd be a less vibrant community of such diverse people. And a lot more pain for a lot more people. I know if weed didn't exist, I'd be no where good right now.
  12. i think i would be dead right now weed made my depresssion go away
  13. It would be a lot less interesting.
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