What would the world be like with out religion?

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  1. Imagine if there was no religion in the world, and never had been, (if you're an atheist we never started deluding ourselves about the existence of higher powers or if you are religious, the god/gods didn't make themselves known to us) do you think the world would be a better or worse place, and if so in what ways?

    Religion has been the justification of many conflicts over history, the crusades, terrorism, homophobia, and something to persecute someone over, but this part of religion often takes on the shape of the people who manipulate it so do you think that these conflicts might have happened anyway as they were often also about other things?
    On the other side it inspires a lot of people and gives them hope, it saves them from depression, hopelessness and gives them comfort as well as purpose. Also for many of people it provides moral guidelines for how they live their life and what they do with it.

    Do you also think that there would be as many humanitarian groups worldwide if there had been no religion, the Salvation Army I think are a great example of this, or do you think these people are naturally pre-disposed to help others?
  2. I think that people would still help people no matter if there is a god or not. Atheists and agnostics who are good people are living proof of this.
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    It wouldnt surprise me if things would be worse. Many people think twice before committing crimes(such as murder) because of the possibility of God/afterlife. I know many people that would've killed if it werent for having second thoughts about God and the afterlife. Religion has definitely instilled moral values within us, a lot of people just dont realize it.

    All the wars fought in the "name of religion" are truly over land, power, money, control, etc. Some people just use religion as a scape-goat.
  4. I was actually going to use the notion of starting a sim world without religion in a computer as a subplot to another novel I was thinking about.

    Like this character would, as a hobby, have created a simulated Earth from the dawn of time without any religious figures. SOmething like that anyway
  5. Sounds interesting
  6. I don't think its possible. The first "religions" started by worshipping spirits, and those spirits were from either subjective experiences validating it for the worshippers, or aliens. Or gods (if you believe in that sorta thing).

    Look at the movie Avatar for example. They were without advanced technology and didn't really have a religion but were connected through nature. Very similar to Native Americans for instance.
  7. people would probably be a lot more technologically advanced. Religion stunted scientific growth a lot in the old days but now their learning to stfu and look at the facts.. having that said, people may also lose their drive in life, I know a lot of people NEED to know their is something more than our current reality, they need to know they are living this life to be brought into a better everlasting life. Kinda sad in my opinion but people would eventually get past this and life would be completely different
  8. "if you’re an atheist we never started deluding ourselves about the existence of higher powers"

    I honestly think that anyone who think there aren't higherpowers is already deluding themselves. Its like the things our subconscious knows that when we think about, we doubt ourselves and rationalize. Like the the amount of post on that fence you just drove past, or the numbers on that credit card you just caught a glimpse of. You saw them but only your subconscious knows them.

    Do i think this is it? yep i do. But there is so much right in front of us that we are seeing and not comprehending, and so many things that we aren't even capable of sensing, so that we cant even begin to say that we cant comprehend it.

    Answering the OP, i think the world would be a much worse place without religion. There are religious people all around the world who are spurred by their beliefs to kind deeds.
  9. Without religion the world would be a much much much better place. The good deeds done by religion do not outweigh the bad, not even in the slightest. The holy texts that are the foundation for each religion are rarely moral books and the teachings within them are were often taught prior by philosophers void of any set religious convictions. Now, spirtuality is another matter and would require a different approach. Sprituality doesn't do half the harm religion does. The fact remains that people do shit regardless of what they believe. They can do good or bad, but religion's very nature is divisive, repressing, and authoritarian. It is bad not only for humanity, but for the earth itself. We would be much better off without it, and I knew this even when I was a theist.
  10. Religion has its heart in the right place, but unfortunately, it is man who implements it. Any attempt to organise the thoughts and beliefs of the many will only end in disaster. How could it not, as we are all so different, and we need that difference nurturing so as to release the best from us.

    The moment we give in to some ideology, for whatever reason seems real at the time, we are on the road to releasing it, as there is only so far we can go under its roof. We are not meant to be constrained by the walls of someone else's ideas, but we may need their protection while we ready ourselves for the journey on.

    The world had no choice but to be religious, for superstitiousness comes easy to us. But religion's time is near its end.
  11. Religions is just a set way of thinking. No religions, would probably be the same as a religion. People will always find an excuse to walk over each other. And if it wasn't for religion, personal belief here, we'd be operating like wolves even more so. With alpha males, omegas, and lone wolves. It's not as bad today, because of religious doctrine dictating the laws of this world, about equality and natural rights. But at the same time. We are developing more into this wolfish set of mind. There doesn't have to be alphas, or omegas. No one has to be alone. Leave religion out of it, and still teach it's doctrine it'd still work, even without God. And if religion didn't create some important philosophies, I'm not too sure if the standards of equality and natural rights would still apply today.
  12. Religion was very important ffor our past.

    But its time to grow up

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